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Even if your power supplier didn’t fail you over the past years, it is always worth to have a backup generator in case the blackout strikes unexpectedly. Let’s take a look at the All Power 2000 watt generator – a popular solution from a famous brand that helps you cope with extreme situations.

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All Power America APG3014 Review


The genset offers a standard power output of 1400W and a 2000 watts surge mode with its 3HP 4 stroke engine. The noise levels are acceptable for this type of generators with just 65 decibels. The unit will run for nine hours straight at half its capacity.

The genset is easy transport with a weight of roughly 54 pounds and compact measurements. You can put it in the trunk and go camping. The apg3014 delivers energy through 3 multipurpose outlets – 1x 12V and 2x AC 120V.

The tank holds up to 1.32 gallons of unleaded gasoline that you can purchase at the closest gas station. The engine is started by pulling a recoil cord. The model is compliant with the EPA requirements.

The safety measures taken by the manufacturer include auto shutdown when the fuel levels are low in order to prevent irreversible damage. The unit comes with a one year warranty.


The All Power America is a famous brand with consistent reputation for its quality solutions. Its products usually receive 4 to 5 stars ratings in All Power generator reviews. The customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. You will find more detailed information below.


One of the most significant advantages of the series is most definitely its reasonable pricing. There are not that many solutions in the market that will keep your household running for less than $300. On top of that, the All Power America APG3014 doesn’t take much space and will easily fit in the trunk of your car – in fact, it takes less place than the tent and sleeping bag. It’s hands down a great choice to consider for people who enjoy camping and are looking for a reliable power source.

Another important feature is that the relatively quiet work cycle with noise emission of just 65 decibels lets you actually take a good nap with the unit running near you. You will definitely hear the device running, but it won’t be an annoying rumble.

As we’ve mentioned before, this All Power generator 2000 Watt is outfitted with a 4-stroke engine that brings the following advantages to the table:

  • increased components’ lifespan thanks to the advanced lubrication system;
  • cheaper fuel and more efficient work cycle;
  • significantly reduced volumes of exhaust gas.

The APG3014 is a great piece of gear worth its price.


The sole big issue with the All Power America brand is that you can have them repaired only at the manufacturer’s service centers. If you are looking for one, you should contact the APA and make an inquiry about the center that is located close to your area.

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