Black Max 7000 Watt


Have you ever thought of combining Black Max and Honda? Two companies collaborated and created  Black Max 7,000 Watt Portable Gas Generator with elecrostart and other important features.

Have you ever wondered why so many people decided to purchase a generator or two during last few years? Since the total amount of power downs due to storms and other accidents tend to rise, so does the value of maintaining a generator ready for work.

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Black Max 7000 Review

The reason for buying may vary from customer to customer, but the main idea remains in place. You should always buy generators with excess power, because you may never know when your appliance will eat up more than expected. Always considers choosing a reliable brand.

I recommend combination of Honda and Power Max with 7000 watts aboard and a steady output.

First reason is the engine. Produced by Honda, stable and appropriate for commercial use. This little monster can run for many years without problems.

Automatic system of voltage control and automatic alternator are added. Generator is capable of producing steady 7000 watts with 8750 watts at its peak. This means keeping heavy tools fully working is as easy as it can get.

Another noteworthy feature is running time that can last up to 14hrs at a half load with a single tank fill. This results in 3 more hours than average market numbers. For areas with low petrol supply this is a must.

The other features are: sound proofing, spark control and wheel kit (fat tires with 10” radius and pneumatic filling), vast oulets panel.

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