Boliy Pro3600SI

Boliy PRO3600SI QBlue RV Pro 3700 Pull Start Generator


Welcome to our review of Boily generator. We were planning purchasing model from Honda, but then we stumbled upon this brand and thought it is too good to be true…or is it?

As an alternative for Honda EU2000i we were in search for quiet, 3000 watts, 68 lbs and about 53Db loud. And for a price of 990$ you are getting a pretty good deal with Boily. So let us dig in.

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Boliy Pro3600SI Review

So what do you get right out of the box?


Well, as you already know, it is an inverter module, thus it is suitable for RV and sensitive electronics.It is silent, lightweight, can run any AC module, easily connects to RV, gives 3000 watts of steady output, 120V of decent and stable output, noise level is also bearable non the least ( about 58 db max) and It runs for smooth 16 hours. Also it has an indicator with built in measurements of entire running time and time meter. Also it has tasty red design and you surely will love it.

This is the first case, when the name of the model does not fit the actual wattage, but who cares if it works incredibly well. It is a worthy member of a Honda, Yamaha and Kipor club, especially on technological behalf. It uses advantages of German processing technology, so the conversion is at the 20% level, and if you connect one of modules from companies mentioned before. Need to take it somewhere? Just throw it into the trunk and get going. It is somewhere nears the 50% of lightness of the traditional machine, so this is a huge benefit for travelers.


So, why choose digital inverter generator? Well, our modern life forces us into being quick on the going and compact in every possible way. And also, the environmental issue came to place, so the creation of digital generators was a matter of time. Such generators are a perfect match for electronics, which are hypersensitive to the electric current and also provides an adequate monitoring of the charge and usage.

Need something nice and quiet? This little stylish thing is just for you. It fits in perfectly with all of the possible restrictions in parks and camping sights over the noise level, you can sleep tight and the loud noise won’t bother you and your family over the night.4 times quieter than traditional generators, pretty convenient if you will consider buying this machine.


Completelyapproved by EPA.

Reduction of emission is also an important part of creating a high-performance, and with nickel alloy coat (Nikasil) you’reBoily turns into a Porsche of generators world, but cists way less than a car.

We already mentioned that this main feature is a steady, perfect current. You can connect any sensitive device, any gadget. Inner technologies allow the current to be normal, reducing any possible power jumps and protecting your devices.

Also this generator is incredibly smart. You can go on with your daily live and let the brain of it do all of the control. It will regulate the speed, fuel levels and oil levels by itself, and you won’t need to worry one bit. So you will be covered when you need to be, so this is another bonus.


60 HZ, 120V, 25A,3000Watts,Autocontrol, 1phase, 2 gallon tank, 53 db, 23 inches by 16.5 and by 18.5 inch, with 170cc, with 4-strokes, and is approved by national USDA (so take it with you to the woods).

As for the warranty you are getting two years of it, and there are a lot of Service Centers all around the United States. Also their support team is always there and ready to help you at any given time. We liked this machine, because we decided to go for a camping spree. But we have a suspicion that the warranty will just lay there without any use.


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