Briggs & Stratton 30470

Briggs & Stratton 30470 7000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator


Howdy. Today we are going to talk about another remarkable machine. Today our topic will be Briggs and Stratton 30470 with 7000 watts of output. So as you can see, this device can pull of about anything around the house: fridges, tools, gadgets and pumps. You need a current? You got it. And as a benefiting thing, you are getting a regulator for voltage, so anything sensitive will run just fine.

To be honest, it is not the quietest module, but we don’t think that this is a big issue when the entire neighborhood is consumed by darkness and you are maintaining a normal life.

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Briggs & Stratton 30470 Review


So let us go quickly through the features of our machine. To tell the truth, we live in northern states, so we rarely have a week without a power down. So we got this generator in hopes for better living, and trust us, it is worth it all.

We did some simple math and figured put, that standard 7000 watts with max 8750 watts is more than enough for our house. Besides, it has four outlets for 30amps, so we got covered everywhere we needed.  As we found out later, it is quite a user-friendly device, it has oil control, awesome fuel gauge and most important  shut off for fuel.

Also it has an electrical starter, although we found out the hard way that if the battery is not plugged into the wall, it will not work in case of emergency. So keep it charged.

So as for the performing part, we were really happy, in fact it is more than we ever expected out of this machine. The price is not that high, so we expected a middle-range quality.

But surprisingly, we got ourselves a powerfuldevice that ran fridges, pumps (sewage and well), heater of hot water and other sensitive electronics. Thanks to its advanced system, there is a small chance of fluctuations, thus your gadgets are safe. But in general, it has clean and smooth running. Closest device with same specs is probably similar voltage generator from Westinghouse, which is pretty damn impressive.


Generator is incredibly easy to assemble and use. I and my friend were satisfied with 12” wheels, which made transportation of this device as easy as it can be. Though it weights pretty much(250 pounds), thanks to the wheels you can bring it home or to construction site or into workshop. But anyways, please remember that this generator is very loud. So if you are not okay with some loud noise, it may be not right for you, but then again, you might as well stay in the dark.

In stores such as Electric Generators Direct it is stated at a price of 950$, but at Global and SG it is worth between 900$ – 945$. But you should check your local retailers out, you might stumble upon a bargain worth messing with.

In general, this generator got 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and in other reviews, and it gets solid A from us, because we have all of the power we need in our rough area. We came up with our list of pros and cons, which you might need to keep in mind when making a decision about your purchase:


  • Easy and smooth start.
  • AVG (regulator for a voltage).
  • Awesome working time.
  • Two ways of making it run.
  • Steady flow of current.
  • Features which are user-friendly.


  • Loud as a lion.
  • Is not compliant with CARB.
  • Battery needs to be charged if you want to start it in time of need.