Duromax xp10000e


I had quite a challenge of using different power generators, choosing among all overpriced devices out there, but luckily I stumbled upon a DuroMax xp10000e.

As I went through the characteristics I’ve noticed that this generator will be perfect for my needs. Especially when you need to keep all of the heavy tools running in my stormy region.

Not a while ago we went through a hurricane that took our electricity with it. 3 days later, when everyone around was sitting in the dark, we worked through our daily routine with the construction. The generator we bought was duromax xp10000e. It ran smoothly, started easily, and kept all of our devices and tools steadily running. You know how much electricity modern devices consume, so that you have a glimpse on the output of the generator.

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Duromax XP10000E Review


This model is 10K type, so that is more than enough for the production and home use. Talk about the power.

Another benefit that I found in this generator is electric start that works even at almost dead battery. And when the battery decides to die on you, just turn your sight to the chord hanging from the side of the device. As for the noise factor – on the full load it wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be.

Most generators of this capacity and power output are loud as hell. But as I saw later after the purchase, DuroMax did an outstand job to defuse the noise level. If you are a fan of DIY than you can take soundproof another generator, but if not – than this generator is just for you.

duromax 10000 is a device that EPA approved and you can use it for camping sight without provoking your neighbours on hitting you with a shovel for the noise.

An important note:in California make sure to buy this generator with CARB compliance, because this exact model does not support CARB. So be attentive in this case.

If you wish to move your duromax xp10000e around, there are tires with soft rubber in them, so moving around any type of terrain is easy. You can use the stow away handle, also four motor mouths are added to minimize any noise or vibration.

As for the running time, you can run smoothly on full tank (8.2 gallons) for about 10 hours with 50% load. This is more than enough if you need a full work-day of electricity. The model comes with built in oil shutter, that will keep your oil level at a decent rate, increasing the capability of effective running in night hours.

No matter what is the main use of generator, it will keep you covered in heavy storms, in RV or camping tent or you just need some extra power. The price correlates with the output.



Specifications you might need to know for DuroMax XP 10000e.

8000 watts is what you will have on the constant output, 10000 will be available at the max.

Automatic oil shutter: no low oil problems.

EPA will be happy with the muffler and absence of sparks.

EPA is also happy with quietness of the generator.

Gas tank for all you needs: 8.2 gallons on board.

10 hours of running time.


You will have to assemble wheels as they are not attached out of the box. That is inconvenient but attaching a few screws to the machine is not that difficult.

The generator has impressive twist loch and power panel. You can charge your car battery or something else, due to its 30 amp outlet (12 volt DC). Thanks to the variety of switches its usage for RV is comfortable.

 Various indicators (voltage meter, charge display) will warn you when battery needs maintenance. 

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Duromax XP4400

DuroMax XP4400 is a dependable and portable generator that will take over when the unexpected happens.


If you need something middle-class and not to expensive? Than duromax xp4400 is just the thing for you. It is a unique device in its own manner, due the fact of combination of price and quality. There are a few useful tweaks to this device such as electro start, DC input, dual voltage and 3500 watts of constant run with it.

As usual, there is a wheel kit for comfortable transportation, so don’t worry on this behalf. And as a notice, be careful when hooking this generator to your home circuit, you might not be able to do it without the help of specialist. As for the Californian residents, this exact model may not support CARB compliant with it, but don’t worry, there are plenty of models that do.
To add cherry to the cake, some models are dual fueled, thus you can choose right petrol for your area. Because in the area where we live, most efficient fuel was gas, but your choices may vary.

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Duromax XP4400 Review

Power Considerations – Wattage


So as for the Wattage, the xp4400e gives out steady 3.500 watts (with 4400watts at the top), and this will work fine for all of the tools, devices and gadgets you might have around the house.
Oh yes, and you also may use additional chords for extended use.
But before plugging all of the things in you should count general wattage of your things. And if your devices are sensitive to the current flow, you probably should look towards inverter generator, for example for RV. This way you won’t burn your gadgets.

Engine Type and Fuel Considerations

This generator is gas powered and has 7.0 horses to it, with 4-stroke cylinders and awesome ignition.
If you want it to run smoothly, you should use only good quality petrol with the octane rating starting at 87. Fill in addition 15 liters (about 4 gallons) of fuel stabilizer and don’t overfill.
And always (!) read the manual before operating. Thank to muffler it is safe for parks and is EPA approved.
You will receive 8 hours of constant work (50 percent load).
As for the additional feature that is worth the notice is the filter. Awesome thing to clean it quick and safely store it away for the cold season.

In order to clean the fuel filter you need follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn the setting to “OFF”
  2. Unscrew your fuel filter and take it out
  3. Clean it from the excess with brush
  4. Put it back in

Before storing for a long term you must drain your tank. In order to do so you should follow these steps

  1. Turn the generator “OFF”
  2. Take the filter out
  3. Empty the filter
  4. Store the generator for the winter

Starting Mechanism


Thanks to the electrostarting feature on this model it is rather easy to get it going. Just press ON and turn the key around and you are on your way. As usually, before attaching chord extenders and other devices, make sure that breakers are stated in off position and the flow is steady. Just take the volt meter and check it out.

In case if the battery is dead or you simply forgot to charge it, or just received the device, you can start it manually, which is a good thing.
As duromax xp4400 review says, once the generator is out of the box, you might notice, that the main chords are not connected and should be reconnected to the generator. But sure, you can charge the battery yourself, if you have the charger that is.
Once the generator is running, the battery will charge itself, and the indicator is there to show the process. And this feature is handy, because even some models by Generac don’t have either battery indicator or the self-charging battery.

Oil Usage Considerations


Duro Max uses 4 strokes of engine. You should fill the oil tank before use. Oh yes, you should check and purchase a long funnel with it. It is going to be hard to reach in this model to the oil tank hole, so that is what the funnel for. In order to keep the tank from overfilling, use the car indicator to indicate the oil level.

Thanks to oil shutter you will have no worries in case of low oil, but still, you should check on your oil tank every ones in a while. You shouldn’t store your generator before emptying the tank.

Cautions for the users
Generator is DC capable, so when using it keep these things in mind:

  • This DC feature is only for 12V auto battery, don’t try attaching anything else
  • Do not try to add other gadgets, battery’s or anything else to this output
  • And don’t ever try starting your car with this is a jump start manner

Noise Level – Portability

As for the loudness, the powermax xp4400e is a quite mufflered generator with level of 69dba, which is awesome for camping use. It runs smoothly thanks to the 4 isolated motor mouths. Also there is a wheel kit that you will have to assemble yourself. Because of the battery some additional weight comes to the generator, so it is an advantage to have a comfortable way of transportation of your generator. And to make things easy you should assemble the handle and wheels with your own instruments, because the ones that comes with is a disaster.


As for this matter, DuroMax gives typical 12 months warranty with typical maintenance to it.
Change your oil every 20 hours or every month to prevail its gumming
Check in on the air cleaner in the engine, make sure you clean it every once in a while
Clean the filter every 100 hours, or if you don’t use it too much every half a year
Keep an eye on the spark plug, and give it a change every 100 hours

Oh yes, if you filled the generator up with petrol and oil, you can’t return it on legal terms. So if you face any issues repair them with help of support or take it to your local service shop. But most of the time you will have a steady working generator at hand.

What comes with a generator?

  • Generator duromax xp4400
  • Electric start with 12V battery
  • Wheels, flat tires and handle
  • Tools you need
  • duromax xp4400e manual

Take a notice: electrostart is mostly ready, but you need to connect wires together. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to start the generator. Before using your generator harshly, you should charge battery first; otherwise you will have to start it manually.

As for the tool that comes with it, you shouldn’t really rely on them; it is more efficient for you to buy your own than mess with the existing.
And this is probably the only issue I faced so far.

Dimensions/Weight of the DuroMax XP4400E are generally not that big. About 116 pounds of weight in relatively small case with height about 17 inches, width of 17inches, and with length of 23.2 inches.
Quite decent size and weight as to me.

Pros and Cons


-start it as a car: just turn the key
– DC charge is possible
– dual voltage
-additional 900watts for your basic 3500 watts
-wheel kit is there as well
-low oil shutter aboard


  • high oil consumption
  • small amount of useful tools
  • has no run-time detection what so ever

Consumer Reviews

The duromax 4400 has one of the best reviews out there. And most customers are happy with their purchase, and the special gratitude was shown to the electric start. And it is no wonder, this way you don’t have to be really strong to get it rolling.


Sometimes issues are spotted, such as dents on the generator or scratches on the side. But this is a minor issue and is rather rare. And even if you stumbled upon it, just contact your retail store from where you bought it and get yourself a refund or a trade.
Most of ratings vary from 4.1 to 4.5 stars on Amazon. Not a half bad rating, I assume.


As for the price it is efficient to visit Amazon or your local retail stores. You might be surprised, but after a few calls around the area you will be capable of finding a cheaper offer. And if you are still in hesitation, you should probably real some more reviews to get convinced.