Generac IX2000



The Generac ix2000 differs from other gensets in a way that is environment friendly – you can actually control the fuel consumption and noise pollution. The unit is outfitted with a 126cc inverter engine with adjustable rotation speed. Thus, the device is not restricted to working at maximum power output all the time. You can safely use all of your appliances with this set thanks to adjustable current without having to worry about its term of service.

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Generac IX2000 Review

Pros and cons

The Generac inverter generator boasts small sizing, affordable price, fuel conservation and a noise level you can bare with. It’s a versatile generator that you may use for your household or camping needs.

However it’s design lacks sturdiness, as the fuel line may leak from time to time. You would generally want this kind of issues.

User experience

I’m quite a fan of world famous and respectable brands, such as Yamaha, so when I got my Generac 2000, I wasn’t expecting much of it. Yeah, it has a 126cc engine and about 2200 watts which is rather standard, no big deal about it. However, this item weighs about 40% less than average which makes it pretty unique in the price range. Coupled with affordable pricing, this feature makes the Generacix 2000 a great investment if you need a supplementary power supply (since you would never use a 2000W genset as a primary unless you live in a recreational vehicle).


So I decided to give this baby a try with my large refrigerator, and the Generac went on for 6 hours just fine at full load. Apparently the unit goes fine with 16 amp power output, and I decided to put it under stress test by adding a small a/c device to the network. It seemed to cope with it at first, but not for long – after several minutes it actually got overloaded and shut down. However, I’m totally fine with Generac 2000 series performance – the set offers decent power supply for its price. The noise level is totally okay as well – it’s about 50 decibel at full load, which doesn’t bother you at all unless you’re standing right next to it.

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Generac GP7500e



The Generac GP7500e offers mix of long-lasting quality and high power output. It boasts sturdy design and high durability when it comes to work under harsh conditions. The units of this series are produced from top grade materials; the gen-set boasts steel fuel tanks and a wheel kit with foldable handles for easy transportation.

This industrial grade solution can deliver a maximum of 9375 watts, while the average output for continuous work is around 7.5 thousand watts. It’s easy to keep an eye on the Generac 7500 current state thanks to a fairly large display panel with user friendly interface. The package includes a plug-in charger for the battery, some engine oil, a funnel and a use manual.

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Generac GP7500e Review

Pros and cons

Industrial grade power output of the Generac 5943 paired with high efficiency and fuel conservation make it one of the top choices in the market. The unit is totally compatible with the power transfer switches which allows for easy and safe domestic usage.

This series may appear somewhat overpriced and becomes rather hot when used for an extended period of time, but overall it’s great.

User experience

Basically, the Generac 7500 generator is meant to provide stable power supply for a large household. It definitely costs a fair amount of money, and it is really big. However, it copes with its task perfectly – after you get it running (which is surprisingly easy for an industrial grade beast) it will leave you speechless with its output.

The Generac 7500 Watt portable generator runs precisely at 119 volts, which is as much as what I need for my household. I run all of the appliances with it, including the water boilers, air conditioning, microvawe, refrigerator, etc. Getting the genset to work is easy – you attach the wiring to the breaker panel, and when the blackout hits you, you pull the switch and the household keeps going.

The Generac GP7500 was running for about 10 hours the first time I used it, after which the tank was almost empty with no more than half a gallon remaining, and the power supply was not so stable. The good news is that the unit sucks the last drop for its steel tank before it goes black.

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Generac XG8000E



When it comes to most popular generators which fall into the category of 7000 – 10000 watt, the Generac XG8000E is definitely among the leaders. Engines manufactured in the US are used in XP series and XS series of generators made by Generac, which is quite rare for generators created in the USA. Such Generac unit is also utilized in the Generac XP8000E. In this review we take a look at one of the best generators in its category – XG8000E.

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Generac XG8000E Review

The OHVI engine used in Generac generators was created exclusively for generators instead of utilizing motors meant for lawn mowers. The majority of engines used in generators of such power output are produced in China, which includes some of the lower budget Generac generators.

Oil delivery system is what makes the generator stand out. Unlike most generators, which rely on the splash delivery system, generators of XG series use a spin on lubrication system similar to the one used in automobiles. Durability and reliable service of 8000 watt generator created by Generac is ensured by the lubrication system and sleeve cylinders made from cast iron.

This generator is an indispensable tool for when you have to run a household in emergency situations or make use of it at job sites. Even though the price of the generator is slightly higher compared to other generators in this category, with Generac generator you truly get what you’ve paid for. In our review you can read all about the benefits and specifications of this 8000 watt generator and what makes it the number one choice on the market.

The letter “E” in the name Generac 8000e stands for the electric start feature and includes the batteries. Also, when buying the generator you get the right combination of deluxe plugs, a wheel kit, an hour meter and 120V/240V power. The company has definitely been the leader of the generators market for years.

As it is stated on the Generac website, the XG8000E generator can be used by people living in California, where there are strict requirements concerning emissions, and the generator can also be non-CARB compliant. Make sure to specify which model you need – either a CARB compliant or non-CARB compliant one, as both of them are named XG8000E. The difference is that one model goes by the name Generac 5747 for non-compliant and the other one is named Generac 5846 created for CARB compliant.

For more details you can visit the company’s website –

Power Specifications


The running wattage of the Generac XG8000E generator is 8000 watts, while the surge wattage is 1000 watts. When you’re looking for a generator, you should pay attention to power specifications, as a lot of companies tend to mention the surge wattage of the device and not the running wattage. As a result, you can buy a much less powerful generator than you’ve imagined.

The power output of 8000 watts in the XG8000 generator is sufficient to run almost all the devices in your house in case of the power outage. Obviously, it is not really possible to run all the devices at once, but the most needed ones, like a refrigerator and lights will work successfully.

Moreover, before purchasing a generator, a good idea is to estimate the power consumption of the electrical devices, which you want to run at your house. For that purpose, different wattage estimators can be used. The best way to determine the power consumption is to add the running watts of the devices and then look for the largest surge wattage among the devices, and add the number to the total. If the result you get is close to 8000 watts you’re on the right track with this generator.

The generator presented in this review is a great choice to be attached to the power panel of your house. If you decide to install the generator, remember to purchase a transfer switch, preferably 10 circuits. Also, always hire a professional electrician to perform the task, as the improper installation can lead to damaging of the generator and your electrical devices.

The idea behind this installation is that you wouldn’t have to run the chords throughout your entire house to get the electricity in light switches and outlets. All you have to do is activate the unite, flip the breaker on the unit and turn on the transfer switch. However, you should still have enough cords in case you use the generator for other purposes.

Because of the unevenness of the AC sine wave, it is not advised to power sensitive devices, such as computers. At the same time, professional XP generators of Generac are able to provide 5 % of Total Harmonic Distortion. This is the best characteristic if you want to use your sensitive electronic devices and not be afraid of sudden surges that can lead to damaging of the equipment. Also, a good idea would be to get a device providing uninterrupted power supply to ensure maximum protection of the devices.

DC charging ability is not included when you get the Generac 8000 generator, which means that you won’t be able to charge your car battery directly. However, using the charging cable, which comes with the generator, you can charge 12Volt DC starting battery. In order to do that, you have to plug the cord into the outlet and into the DC port of the generator. The only issue with the charging process is that there are no indications on the device whether the battery is charging or has been charged.

Also, remember, that while the generator is in operation, the battery doesn’t get charged and it should be charged externally. When you buy the generator, its battery is charged, but the positive lead should be attached in order to be able to use the electric start feature. In order to replace the battery you would have to remove the panel and the gas tank to access it, which is not really convenient.

Engine and Fuel


OHVI engine, available in the 6500 watts and above models of XG and XP series generators, definitely has a lot of benefits. The oil system is just the like the system used in cars.

Generac XG8000E model has a 4 cycle, 410cc, 14.5 horsepower engine. Besides that, you get an Automatic Voltage Regulator. The maximum amperage you can achieve is about 41A at 240V and 88 A at 120V.  But it is not a good idea to go this high.

The gas tank of the generator is made from steel and can hold about 9 gallons. Remember, that a new gas tank should be at least half full in order to start the generator. One full tank allows you to run the devices for 10 hours (if the load is 50 %). The switch and fuel valves are located on the front panel, which is really convenient.

Additional benefits of the generator include an extra air filter, spark plug and oil filter. What is also great is that the first year of generator maintenance is included in the price. The air filter used in the device is the fluted paper in a holder.

The rules of generator storing are quite basic. The generator should be drained before storing, which is easily performed by removing the gas tank. If you don’t plan on using it for a month or two, you can add some fuel stabilizer. But, if you use it rarely, it is recommended to close off the supply of fuel. Moreover, a great thing to do is to store the generator with fresh oil.

There have been some complaints about the leakage of fuel from the carburetor despite the air filter and some problems with fuel line, but these were isolated cases, which were caused by reasons other than faults in the device.

Starting Mechanism

The electric start feature of the Generac 8000 watt generator is included into the model, but the generator can also be started manually by pulling the starter rope. The electric start feature is extremely convenient – all you have to do is open the fuel valve and push the button. This is especially great if you don’t have a lot of strength in your arms.

The models with non-electric start have a toggle, while the electric start generators have start, run and stop buttons. Cranking of the engine happens after pressing the “start” button and it returns to the “run” mode after the pressure is released. When you start a generator, remember to switch off and unplug all the devices, as it makes it more difficult to start the generator and can cause damaging of the property.

Remember, the battery is not being charged when the motor is running, so if the battery has to be charged, you would have to start it manually. The process is not difficult and the company claims that you will be able to start the device in one pull.

Oil Usage


Pressurized oil delivery system and the spin-on oil filter are what OHVI Generac engines are known for. Such oil delivery system has a lot of reliability advantages over splash oil systems used in the majority of modern generator engines.

The main purpose of oil is obviously to lubricate the moving parts of the equipment, but it is actually so much more than that. Thanks to oil, tiny particles from the engine and the cylinder get suspended, thus saving the parts of the generator from wearing-out. The spin-on pressurized oil filter is intended to remove the ongoing particles. In this way, the proper maintenance allows the generator to work for years to come.

SAE-30 oil is recommended in the manual for the majority of operating temperatures, but most consumers choose 5W-30 instead. So, it is best to save XG series generators with two quarts of SAE-30, for warmer weather. It is also recommended to replace the oil after first 30 hours of use and every 100 hours afterwards.

Such pressurized oil system doesn’t have a warning light that would indicate low levels of oil. Instead, the hour meter will remind you when you have to change the oil.

Changing the oil is easy, as it is located in the easy to access orifice with a colored cap. A good idea would be to buy a gas can, extension cords, cover and funnel to make the process of maintenance easy and effective.

Meters and Outlets

Generac 8000 watt model has the power panel that looks similar to other XG series models. All the features can be accessed easily, as all the starting features located on the left and charging ports – on the right.

The set of red lights which glow from left to right are called a power bar. All the lights glowing across the bar indicate the full output. If not all the lights are glowing it means that the watts are not used at full capacity. However, if you really want to know the exact wattage, you should invest into a special wattage meter.

Another feature, which is not common in other generator models, is the lighted panel. The lights can be seen even in low light conditions and they indicate that the generator is operating.

When it comes to receptacles, they are protected with covers, which is great if you have to store or run the device in dirty conditions.  However, the covers will not be able to protect the generator from water, so you should be careful not to run the generator in unsuitable conditions.

The device comes with four 5-20R ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacles. The receptacles are three pronged and they ensure safety of the electrical devices operation. Such receptacles are created to shut off in about one forty of a second, in case they detect the difference in the outgoing and returning current. Also, there are L14-30R receptacles, which are four pronged and used at 120V and 240V. It would be useful to get 30-50 Amp cord with several receptacles located on one end.

Duplexes are protected with 20Amp circuit breakers, while two circuit breakers are used for protection of 30 Amp receptacle in order to save your device from electrical overload.

The hour meter of the generator warns you when it is time to replace the oil after 30 and 100 hours of the operation. Also, the generator flashes when it has been 200 hours of the operation.

The grounding of the generator is neutral and the grounding attachment is located on the base of the device, as well as the toggle, which is very convenient. The DC feature is absent in the generator, so there is no DC outlet.

Noise Levels and Portability


According to the requirements of the Forestry Service, you should have a spark arrested muffler in the generator if you want to use the device for camping purposes. The XG8000E generator has this feature.

When it comes to the levels of noise, there are no standards approved in the industry. There is no official information available on the decibels on which the generator should operate, but this device is definitely not quiet. It would actually be surprising if the noise levels were less than 70 decibels.

The weight of the device is 258 pounds, which is why it is important that you get the kit for transportation. The kit is easy to assemble if you follow all the instructions available in the manual. The wheels are of the semi-solid kind, which makes them quite durable, but less convenient for moving over the steps. The frame is made from thick steel and bolts are easy to reach if you have to perform some maintenance.  The handle is also easily accessible and functional.


When purchasing XG8000E generator, you get the 2-year consumer use warranty and 1 year commercial or rental use warranty. Consumer use warranty includes covering of the operation and parts for 1 year after the purchase, but for 2 years after the purchase you only get covering of the parts. In order for the warranty to be valid, you have to keep the receipt. When it comes to commercial use, the warranty for both operation and parts is 1 year.

The proper maintenance of the generator is important and includes the following steps:

1) You should replace oil and oil filter after every 30 and 100 hours of operation. Also, remember to check the oil before the use.

2) It is also essential to check the cooling feature before using the generator.

3) Air filters should also be cleaned and checked on a regular basis.

4) Remember to clean the spark plug after its 100 hours operation and get a new one every year.

An important step is to register the generator when you buy it, so that the warranty starts from the date of your purchase and not from the date it was manufactured.

Besides the XG8000E generator itself, you also get such items in the box:

  • Tool kit
  • Spark plug, oil filter and air filter replacements
  • Wheel kit with tires and grips
  • Funnel to fill the oil
  • Charging cord
  • Motor oil
  • Manual

Dimensions and weight of XG8000E

The length of the generator is 31.5 inches, the width – 25 inches and the height is 28 inches. The weight of the device is 258 pounds.


The price of the XG8000E generator largely depends on where you decide to purchase it. Generally, you can get the generator for the best price on Amazon.

Consumer Reviews of the Generator

The majority of generator XG8000E consumers agree that it is a really valuable equipment for its price. The popularity of the generator is mostly ensured by the company’s reputation and an OHVI engine. Consumers note the durability of the generator and convenience of use thanks to the feature of the electric start.

The complaints of the consumers mostly concern the company’s services provided at repair facilities.

Ratings and some more detailed Generac generators reviews can be found on Amazon.

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Generac GP5500


Generac GP5500 – portable generator for all your needs.

Generac is a popular brand in the market, and many household owners opt for the USA made devices to provide their homes with power in case of power shortage. We have composed a comprehensive generac gp5500 review for our readers. Find out more about the model today and make up your own mind as to the pros and cons of this popular generator.

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Generac GP5500 Review

Reliable performance

Generac gp5500 is a moderately priced unit that offers stable performance for over 10 hours. A big advantage of the device is that is easily portable. It features two wheels that can’t go flat due to their rugged structure. It is relatively lightweight and can be carried around by the handles.

The generator is enclosed in a durable casing that allows it to show stable performance under the most harsh conditions. Warranty ensures you shouldn’t have any issues operating this device. If you treat the device right, it should serve you for a prolonged period of time.

Technical features

Generac gp5500 5939 provides power output in 240v and 120v modes. The device is equipped with a 7.2 gallon tank for extended usage. A 389cc strong engine provides max power output of 6,875 watt and 5,500 watt with stable performance.

The only downside that many owners tend to notice is that the generator is rather noisy for its size. However this should be no issue if you keep the device in a shelter outside your house. Other than that it’s a great choice to use in household or take along to a work site.

Please refer to generac gp5500 manual for detailed features of the device.

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