Durostar DS4000s


The Durostar DS4000s provides a decent average power output of 3300 Watt and a maximum of 4000 Watt with its 7hp air cooled engine. The unit is a perfect fit for your household needs, appliances in a recreational vehicle or the equipment for a sporting event. You can use it to power the conveniences at home or while camping. A built in panel features a volt meter, start switch and a circuit breaker.

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Durostar DS400s Review

The Durostar generator is versatile with its three 120 volt outlets (1x 30 amp and 2x 20 amp respectively). It can operate at half load for about 8 hours using as few as 4 gallons of gas. The casing features durable steel frames and isolated motor mounts. You can store and run the Durostar inside a garage – the noise is muffled good enough so that the noise doesn’t irritate you. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty; the unit also has some safety add ons to it, such as low oil automatic shutdown and protection against power surge.

Pros and cons


An inexpensive solution for all of your camping needs that also fits perfectly as a supplementary power source, it is easy to operate. Aside from that, you will be relieved to know that the spare parts are rather cheap. The compact unit also produces low levels of noise.


The Durostar generators need frequent oil change, no amp or watt meter, inadequate hardware and grounding accessories.

Speaking of cons, we should mention the following:

  • The device requires frequent oil changes;
  • There is no watt or amp meter to keep track of the unit’s state;
  • Hardware and grounding accessories could be produced from better materials.

User experience

I don’t think that chinese appliances are bad. They are affordable and they are built well enough to last for a year or so. The DuroStar is one of those Chinese brands that actually made it into the international market and managed to surpass some of the famous american brands.

Their main advantage, as mentioned above, is that it’s your sure bet if you’re on a tight budget. Basically, this means you’ll have to spend much less on maintaining and operating this device, than you would need for an industrial grade solution. This counts for fuel expenditure as well – with a full 4 gallons tank it keeps the home appliances running for about 10 hours. For instance, you can run a TV set, a refrigerator, a/c unit and two bulbs. All you need to do to get the device running is to use the start switch and pull the recoil cord.

After you switch the genset off, don’t forget to drain the gas and oil, and refill the tanks before the next start. If you follow these simple rules, this device should keep running for a long period of time.

Another advantage of the series that I’d like to mention in my Durostar generator review is that the motor mount efficiently dampens the noise produced by the motor – this features makes the DS4000S one of the most silent gensets of the DuroStar lineup. It’s even more quiet than a lawn mower!

Keep in mind though that the device may require an oil change every 20 hours or so. Draining the oil may be somewhat challenging because the spout is located underneath the frame; it turns the whole procedure a mess. Besides, you should request extra packaging from the retailer because the original manufacturer pack lacks foam protection. The issue may result in frame damage which is clearly something you would want to avoid.

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Yamaha EF2000iS



I hope that my yamaha ef2000is generator review will help you out in choosing a generator meeting your needs.

Yamaha is a well known leader in the market of appliance, so it is now wonder, that this company is mentioned in the market of power generators. This brand is a home to high quality products including our topic today. Yamaha ef2000is generator is one of those generators that you will happily take anywhere. Due to its small size it gained a massive popularity over the years.

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Yamaha EF2000iS Review

Engine Displacement & Power Output

79cc with four strokes and awesome efficiency of 2000 watts. But keep in mind, that 2000watts is a peak power, and steady output equals 1600 watts. This is an inverter generator, which means you can use it to power your sensitive gadgets and other appliances.
This is not the generator for general backup. You won’t be able to power your home or something heavy. Small sized devices show their best outside.

Runtime & Fuel Type

As you already know, the size of this model is rather small, so you should not expect a big tank. But no worries, 1.1 gallon gas tank is more than enough for 10 hours on a quarter load.

Start Type

This is not the top of the line generator, but yamaha 2000 inverter generator will start nice and easy, right out of the box, just pull the chord and get going.

Noise Level

The generator is small, that is why the noise level is incredibly low. Moreover, thanks to the innovative muffler, the generator is 61db loud at max. This is really quiet (you may not hear it).

Size & Portability

Yamaha ef2000is is a highly portable 44 pounds model. Measurements are comfortable for moving around: 19.4×11.0x17.9 inches in length/width/heighth.

And such parameters make it almost pocket-like, even a child can move it.

Product Warranty

3 years spreading across all Yamaha products will keep you covered in case of any issues.

Price & Value

Yamaha is not the cheapest brand. The quality, silent running and basically lack of any problems cost a good buck. I still recommend Yamaha.

Yamaha EF2000iS Reviews & Ratings

Yamaha was always ahead of tech world, and stood out of the crowd with its high quality, and the EF2000iS is no exception. Moreover, this model is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and in 85% it is 5 out 5 stars on amazon.
Some customers expect more than they should: for example expecting a full backup device from a small RV-like generator.
But most of the users simply fell in love with this tiny guy that just blew the market away.
Just look at the yamaha ef2000is specs listed below.

  • gauge for the fuel
  • petcock for gasoline
  • switch
  • parallel connection function
  • warning system
  • spark muffler

Great one time purchase, that will serve you good for a long time.

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Honda EU2000i


Howdy. Today we are going to talk about  finding something  portable, but without any additional troubles. Something to throw into the back of your trunk and head out for the trip. And so we did find it. And here is our opinion on it.

So let us begin. We went for a camping trip somewhere away from the colds of our state. So we thought we might yet again look for a perfect generator, that will keep us moving. So we went around our local shops and what do you know, we found something nice and pretty. Honda EU2000ia was our thing. Small, portable and easy to carry around, simple little thing for  good use.

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Honda EU2000iа Review



We are huge fans of Japanese quality and machinery, so it is no wonder that we chose this brand again.

As for the performance, this generator is for light duty only, so don’t expect to much out of it. Though because it is an inverter generator (conversion of AC into DC), you can be calm about your sensitive devices. In case of overload, it will turn off by itself, and you can start it by hand (cord) or by pressing the button. In either case you are good to use it for your needs.

It is a bit limited but the performing pace is good enough. You can run some of your home tools, gadgets, so it is okay to use it as an emergency. We tried powering central heat, sewer pump, routers, TV and lights. But this machine is not capable to keep heating system with refrigerators running at the same time, so we just used one or another when needed.
As for the tank, it is 1.1 gallons, so not that big as you might think. The running time is about 10 hours on a fully filed tank.

Easy to use is a moto of Honda brand. As we found out during our routine, and it shows decent 59 db, at 1600 watts load and even lower at a smaller load. So we were really surprised that we could actually talk with this thing on, because it is as loud as a normal dialogue between people. Also we allowed our friend to test it out as well and they were just as satisfied as we were. They took it for a spin at a camping spree, when they went around 5 states. And in every case they faced no problems, because is fitted in just fine in their RV and near the tent.

They said that the starting was easy and smooth, and the refill wasn’t that often.


So to sum things up here are our list of pros and cons:


  1. Quiet
  2. Efficient with fuel
  3. Easy to start
  4. Smooth burning sequence


  1. Small hole for the fuel
  2. Lack of fuel gauge
  3. Kind of expensive

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Duromax XP4400

DuroMax XP4400 is a dependable and portable generator that will take over when the unexpected happens.


If you need something middle-class and not to expensive? Than duromax xp4400 is just the thing for you. It is a unique device in its own manner, due the fact of combination of price and quality. There are a few useful tweaks to this device such as electro start, DC input, dual voltage and 3500 watts of constant run with it.

As usual, there is a wheel kit for comfortable transportation, so don’t worry on this behalf. And as a notice, be careful when hooking this generator to your home circuit, you might not be able to do it without the help of specialist. As for the Californian residents, this exact model may not support CARB compliant with it, but don’t worry, there are plenty of models that do.
To add cherry to the cake, some models are dual fueled, thus you can choose right petrol for your area. Because in the area where we live, most efficient fuel was gas, but your choices may vary.

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Duromax XP4400 Review

Power Considerations – Wattage


So as for the Wattage, the xp4400e gives out steady 3.500 watts (with 4400watts at the top), and this will work fine for all of the tools, devices and gadgets you might have around the house.
Oh yes, and you also may use additional chords for extended use.
But before plugging all of the things in you should count general wattage of your things. And if your devices are sensitive to the current flow, you probably should look towards inverter generator, for example for RV. This way you won’t burn your gadgets.

Engine Type and Fuel Considerations

This generator is gas powered and has 7.0 horses to it, with 4-stroke cylinders and awesome ignition.
If you want it to run smoothly, you should use only good quality petrol with the octane rating starting at 87. Fill in addition 15 liters (about 4 gallons) of fuel stabilizer and don’t overfill.
And always (!) read the manual before operating. Thank to muffler it is safe for parks and is EPA approved.
You will receive 8 hours of constant work (50 percent load).
As for the additional feature that is worth the notice is the filter. Awesome thing to clean it quick and safely store it away for the cold season.

In order to clean the fuel filter you need follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn the setting to “OFF”
  2. Unscrew your fuel filter and take it out
  3. Clean it from the excess with brush
  4. Put it back in

Before storing for a long term you must drain your tank. In order to do so you should follow these steps

  1. Turn the generator “OFF”
  2. Take the filter out
  3. Empty the filter
  4. Store the generator for the winter

Starting Mechanism


Thanks to the electrostarting feature on this model it is rather easy to get it going. Just press ON and turn the key around and you are on your way. As usually, before attaching chord extenders and other devices, make sure that breakers are stated in off position and the flow is steady. Just take the volt meter and check it out.

In case if the battery is dead or you simply forgot to charge it, or just received the device, you can start it manually, which is a good thing.
As duromax xp4400 review says, once the generator is out of the box, you might notice, that the main chords are not connected and should be reconnected to the generator. But sure, you can charge the battery yourself, if you have the charger that is.
Once the generator is running, the battery will charge itself, and the indicator is there to show the process. And this feature is handy, because even some models by Generac don’t have either battery indicator or the self-charging battery.

Oil Usage Considerations


Duro Max uses 4 strokes of engine. You should fill the oil tank before use. Oh yes, you should check and purchase a long funnel with it. It is going to be hard to reach in this model to the oil tank hole, so that is what the funnel for. In order to keep the tank from overfilling, use the car indicator to indicate the oil level.

Thanks to oil shutter you will have no worries in case of low oil, but still, you should check on your oil tank every ones in a while. You shouldn’t store your generator before emptying the tank.

Cautions for the users
Generator is DC capable, so when using it keep these things in mind:

  • This DC feature is only for 12V auto battery, don’t try attaching anything else
  • Do not try to add other gadgets, battery’s or anything else to this output
  • And don’t ever try starting your car with this is a jump start manner

Noise Level – Portability

As for the loudness, the powermax xp4400e is a quite mufflered generator with level of 69dba, which is awesome for camping use. It runs smoothly thanks to the 4 isolated motor mouths. Also there is a wheel kit that you will have to assemble yourself. Because of the battery some additional weight comes to the generator, so it is an advantage to have a comfortable way of transportation of your generator. And to make things easy you should assemble the handle and wheels with your own instruments, because the ones that comes with is a disaster.


As for this matter, DuroMax gives typical 12 months warranty with typical maintenance to it.
Change your oil every 20 hours or every month to prevail its gumming
Check in on the air cleaner in the engine, make sure you clean it every once in a while
Clean the filter every 100 hours, or if you don’t use it too much every half a year
Keep an eye on the spark plug, and give it a change every 100 hours

Oh yes, if you filled the generator up with petrol and oil, you can’t return it on legal terms. So if you face any issues repair them with help of support or take it to your local service shop. But most of the time you will have a steady working generator at hand.

What comes with a generator?

  • Generator duromax xp4400
  • Electric start with 12V battery
  • Wheels, flat tires and handle
  • Tools you need
  • duromax xp4400e manual

Take a notice: electrostart is mostly ready, but you need to connect wires together. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to start the generator. Before using your generator harshly, you should charge battery first; otherwise you will have to start it manually.

As for the tool that comes with it, you shouldn’t really rely on them; it is more efficient for you to buy your own than mess with the existing.
And this is probably the only issue I faced so far.

Dimensions/Weight of the DuroMax XP4400E are generally not that big. About 116 pounds of weight in relatively small case with height about 17 inches, width of 17inches, and with length of 23.2 inches.
Quite decent size and weight as to me.

Pros and Cons


-start it as a car: just turn the key
– DC charge is possible
– dual voltage
-additional 900watts for your basic 3500 watts
-wheel kit is there as well
-low oil shutter aboard


  • high oil consumption
  • small amount of useful tools
  • has no run-time detection what so ever

Consumer Reviews

The duromax 4400 has one of the best reviews out there. And most customers are happy with their purchase, and the special gratitude was shown to the electric start. And it is no wonder, this way you don’t have to be really strong to get it rolling.


Sometimes issues are spotted, such as dents on the generator or scratches on the side. But this is a minor issue and is rather rare. And even if you stumbled upon it, just contact your retail store from where you bought it and get yourself a refund or a trade.
Most of ratings vary from 4.1 to 4.5 stars on Amazon. Not a half bad rating, I assume.


As for the price it is efficient to visit Amazon or your local retail stores. You might be surprised, but after a few calls around the area you will be capable of finding a cheaper offer. And if you are still in hesitation, you should probably real some more reviews to get convinced.


Champion Power Equipment 46539

I got the Champion Power Equipment 46539 right around our annual road trip weekend and so it was a perfect chance to try this baby out on the road.


is a generator with decent characteristics, just like the most engines of this brand.

General wattage of 4000 watts, with 196cc and 4 strokes engine, this little beast runs on gas and is rather happy with it. Not many brands can show off with such low price and rather portable measurements.
If you are looking for something that will serve you good, will look nice and neat, and has a durability of a horse, than you know what to get. This is a perfect combination of price, size and power. Though it doesn’t run on classical petrol such as propane, and is rather unusual for a regular user in US, this device still received all of the certificates required to be used in every state across the America.
So let’s take a look.check price

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review


So, here are features of champion generator 46539 you might need to know:

  • Standard running output is 3500 watts and with a maximum output of 4000watts
  • Three ways of starting the thing: with chord, with a button or with a remote control
  • Full pledge monitor of all indicators: current, working hours and so on
  • Monitor of fuel in the tank
  • Model has low oil monitor on board
  • 12 hours of work on a tank with half load
  • Level of the noise is around 68db
  • Sizes are quite portable: 140 pounds of weight( with tank empty), length is 27.2 inches, width is 24.3 and height is 23.7inch.
  • Wheel kit with 8in wheels.
  • Some additional things in the box: muffler (spark plug) and an oil funnel.

Reputation of champion power equipment generator:
Most of websites and buyers rated champion power equipment generator with one of the highest marks on reviews and 4.5 out 5 stars on Amazon rating. This generator recommended itself as constructions support-generator, home backup device and as RV compatible generator for road trips and camping. Thanks to the features listed above, it is no wonder, that users liked this generator quite a lot and are highly satisfied by its performance.



This engine has some advantages that is for sure. It is gas powered, sure, but it is fully CARB and EPA compliant, this means you will be able to run it in any stated (including California). More pros are hidden in the running time that lasts up to 12 hours, and this is one of the best results in this segment.
One of the unusual features on this generator is the appliance of remote control over the device, which is a rare guest at this price. The control is allowed at the distance of 80 feet from the device, which is pretty impressive.
And the last but not least, small size and portable dimension, this generator is what you can call brilliant combination of size and power. One of those units, that you instantly notice out in the shop and rarely hesitate to buy.

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