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Using the Champion 73536i Inverter Generator is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to supply your house with an extra source of energy, especially when it comes to applying inverter generators of this power range. As the majority of customers report, few generators can compete with the Champion 2000 watt inverter generator. However, there are several manufacturers, such as Yamaha or Honda, offering inverters that fall within the same size range. Being acknowledged as premium quality generators, their prices are not that appealing for an average buyer. But unlike its competitors, the Champion 2000 watt generator features both high-quality characteristics and an affordable price.

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Champion 73536i Review

With its ultimate power of 2000 watts and 1700 watts of ongoing power, you will manage to power nearly all home appliances and utensils while ensuring hassle-free operation of all essential items in your house throughout the power cut.

Needless to say that this particular generator cannot serve as the one to provide you with sufficient energy for powering the whole house. However, it stands out among the rest of the generators for featuring other great values. As you keep on reading this article, you will find out which characteristics the Champion inverter owes its superiority to. Manufactured by a highly reputable company, the Champion 2000 watt inverter is obviously deemed by many reviewers as a generator with superb quality features.

These types of generators can be a perfect solution for powering the most delicate electronic devices, such as PCs or even medical devices. Dispatching AC feeding through pure sine wave, they are considered to be cleaner and more dependable power sources, compared to others. If you are looking for the unit to be capable of meeting the power needs of your medical devices, then this is exactly what you should spend your money on. Above all, inverter generators are not too heavy or excessively noisy which makes them particularly sought-after.

Check out the comparison table on to become more familiar with the difference between the prices of the Champion 2000 watt champion inverter generator and the price of other well-liked generators, such as the Honda and Yamaha, sharing the same features in terms of power capabilities. You will be astounded by what you are going to see. According to the product description included in the table, the Champion 75531i offers the same running watts as its rivals, but for more affordable price.

If you are absolutely ignorant of inverters technology, then reading the relevant article dedicated to this subject will surely help you get a better insight into this category of generators. But anyway, in what way are inverter generators different from conventional ones? The answer is that unlike conventional generators, inverters result in producing “cleaner power” which prevents sensitive electronics from malfunction or even damage. The inverter-styled generators feature a rectifier that converts AC current into DC, while capacitors smooth it out, and eventually the DC power is inverted back into clean AC power of the required voltage and frequency.

The technology also allows this type of generator to produce up to 1700 watts of energy if more is not necessary. This also means reducing noise to surprisingly low levels, as well as ensuring more fuel-efficiency. Moreover, the engine is not bound to work at maximum load if it is not needed.

Being more lightweight compared to conventional generators, inverters’ maximum output potential is restricted, which makes them an ideal option for those who need to maintain simultaneous operation of only a few devices.

Note that its compliance with CARB implies that the retail if this inverter generator, as well as its usage outside California is prohibited.

Power Considerations – Wattage

To launch most of your home appliances, especially those equipped with motors, the Champion inverter generator delivers 1700 watts if requested, or operates at its peak 2000 watts. As a result it outputs clean power which stands for a low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). These so called sine waves of power is the most essential feature all inverter generators are imparted to that makes them vary from traditional generators that are designed to yield raw electricity without its subsequent improvement. In contrast to traditional generators, the newly invented inverter generators, such as the 2000 watt Champion inverter generator, is a reliable unit to power the home appliances equipped with micro-processors that are especially sensitive to the quality of the current they are required to consume.


As this type of generator can only offer 1700 running watts you might wonder where exactly it is possible to apply it. While producing sufficient energy to make your fridge function  properly throughout the whole period of power outage seems to be so simple for this type of generators, delivering power for a few household tools at a time might not be as effortless as you might expect. It is obvious that inverter is not what you want to be able to get power from your outlets at home.

If you are not sure whether you could content yourself with only 1700 watts, reading some useful information about the power requirements for various types of home appliances will help you make up your mind concerning the size of the generator most suitable for you.

Whenever you connect electrical circuit to the generator, it is crucial to attach a high-voltage terminal initially. Afterwards, you may connect the low-voltage one. You should take into account the consumed power levels of each device to be connected and then calculate the total watts consumption so that you could ensure the simultaneous operation of several household units.

Inverter generators is an excellent energy source for running less demanding devices that could be applied during your camping holiday, for instance.

Another appealing characteristic of these types of generators is that they house a power-saving interlock that allows the generator to work at inactive mode when the power is not required. This feature enables the unit to conserve fuel as well as extends the service life of the motor. As soon as the current is needed, make sure you have switched off the interlocker.

The light indicator on the console usually points out to the power being supplied, while one more light may signal about the excess transmission capacity.

Every single generator available in America operates at 60 Hz which means you will receive 120 Volts, or 240 which is applicable to more sizable generators. Therefore, trying to run it at 50 Hz is not recommended.  The Champion 2000 generator is able to produce more than 13 Amps to be distributed between the power outlets.

If you belong to the group of customers with an inquisitive mind, then you will definitely find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with an article dedicated to electric power issues. It is available on our website, and is easily understandable even for entry-level buyers.

What is truly fascinating is that this generator features 12 volt power capacity for charging your vehicle batteries.  This unit comes with DC capability to supply 12 volts to charge car batteries. You can also find the battery cord enclosed to the set.

The Champion power equipment 73536i can offer you an overall power of as many as 3000 watts with  an additional interconnect cord used to ensure a simultaneous performance of two generators, thus increasing the number of power outlets two fold. While the units are operating alongside of each other, it is essential to avoid the power load that surpasses 3400 watts.

Since you have to spend twice as much as the original one-unit offer, you might feel rather uncertain about the purchase as you keep asking yourself whether these who generators are worth buying. Surely, your concern about the expense is understandable. Nonetheless, if you compare the overall expense for two units with the price for one identically sized Honda generator, you will be greatly surprised as it will be pretty much the same. Furthermore, by purchasing two generators, you do not have to apply them both at a time, but instead you may utilize them each on its own for accomplishing various tasks in your household or elsewhere.

Special features associated with motor and fuel

As stated earlier, the Champion 73536i meets the stringent emissions requirements issued by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With its overhead valve construction, this 80cc displacement 4 cycle engine is characterized by the outstanding capability to efficiently distribute the energy, thus ensuring better durability and long-lasting service, as well as more sustainable fuel utilization.


We are not sure if this particular motor houses a steel camshaft and valve train moving parts similar to those found in more costly generators, such as Yamaha ef2000is. Due to its cast iron cylinder, the Yamaha generator stands out among the rest of the generators for its striking energy distribution and incredible longevity.

If your plug needs replacing, we suggest you use NGK BPR6HS for this type of generator.

The 1 gallon (4.2L) fuel tank has a built-in fuel indicator that helps to keep in check the amount of fuel left in the tank. It is indeed a convenient option as sometimes it is rather complicating to predict a required amount of fuel for a compact tank which frequently results in topping up the tank with more fuel than it can contain. However, when doing this, make sure to leave at least one quarter of an inch of extra space as fuel has a tendency to dilate.

With the tank filled up to the needed capacity, the generator will ensure a nine-hour current supply at a quarter of its real capacity.

There are also a few essential considerations to bear in mind to promote effortless functioning of your inverter generator.

You may decide on putting in the blend of at least 85 octane gas and 10% ethanol. However, such a mix will eventually end up with the fuel and liquid segregation, thus causing this fluid to build up in the carburetor and cease the operation. In order to prevent this from happening, it is vital that a special stabilizer is added to the fuel, particularly that one to be stored for at least a couple of months.

If you do not use your generator on a regular basis, switching it on every other week and leaving it to work for at least 15 minutes will be a useful practice for your generator.

The air inlet located on the lid of the fuel tank should be opened so that the fuel could be effortlessly routed to the carburetor. If you intend to get rid of the fuel leftovers in your tank, turn on the air inlet along with the button on the console of your generator.

This generator does not feature a fuel draining system, yet you can get one separately. Alternately, you can go for draining through the gap on the lid by toppling over the unit.  This method, however, is not approved by the manufacturer.

Necessary recommendations how to start and stop the unit.

The majority of customers note that due to its light weight and portability, starting the Champion generator does not take much effort. Just a few tugs will be more than enough. Like most generators, both inverter and conventional, the Champion has a pull starter rope/handle. But before starting any generator, make sure you are familiar with some easy-to-follow steps included in the user manual.

Since starting a generator will be an unavoidable thing, you should be aware of how to do that properly. Below is a step-by-step guide to give you a clue about starting the unit.

How to start:

  1. Energy-saving interlocker off.
  2. Switch on air inlet on
  3. Cap on
  4. Fuel switch on
  5. Engine switch on
  6. Pull out choke completely (not obligatory if engine is warm)
  7. Pull recoil rope quickly.
  8. remain motor operate for 3 minutes to sound more even
  9. Push choke back in
  10. Switch on energy-saving interlocker.

How to stop:

  1. Economy control switch off
  2. Shut off electric appliances
  3. Engine switch STOP
  4. Fuel flow knob OFF
  5. Air inlet OFF

Even though most generators, both conventional and inverter-styled, are neutralized, it is  vitally important to stick to safety recommendations to avert electric shock. So if your generator is not connected to ground, you had better do that as soon as possible. There are also other considerations to keep in mind before you start using your generator. In order to keep this unit in safe operating condition and avoid potential hazards associated with improper use or maintenance, do not neglect all the precaution advice enclosed to the owner’s manual. Alternatively, you may familiarize yourself with generator safety guideline available on the website.

Oil use recommendations


The Champion manufactures suggests that you should use 10W-30 oil for the majority of outward conditions. In fact, once you unwrap your package with the generator inside, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you are going to find there. The oil, as well as a very practical funnel, is also added to your purchase. Now you do not have to rush to the local car parts shop in search of the oil, as you already receive your free-of-the-charge oil container. The oil tank inside your generator measures 0.42 US Quarts (0.4 L).

With a convenient oil level detector option, there is no need to be concerned about the potential risks for the engine linked to oil shortage. The light on the console will signal the time when the new portion of oil is supposed to be added long before you actually use it all out. Even so, it is highly recommended to make sure there is sufficient amount of oil before starting your generator, as this will help to avoid or cut down undesirable expenses related to replacement of the damaged parts.

In order to reach the oil tank to fill it up, you should unscrew the rear panel shielding the generator. Twist off the cap and carefully pour the oil in through the funnel included to your set. Try not to spill it over the generator as scrubbing it off the surface will be quite tedious.

As the Champion 2000 generator does not feature a drain stopper used to discharge the oil remains, the user should do it himself. It is very easy to do by turning over the generator to one side and allowing the oil to flow out into the vessel. If you discover any refuse in the oil tank, eliminate it immediately.

Connector options

All essential functions are consolidated on an easy-to-use console which contains on/off button, energy conservation switch, circuit breaker, air damper, fuel tap, signal lights, starting motor cable and outlets.  However, neither voltage meter gauge, nor electric power meter are on this generator.

A pair of two AC socket connectors can be used for 120V power transmissions. In addition, the socket connectors for running supplementary equipment simultaneously are also available.

Along with AC socket connectors, there is a 12V DC outlet aimed at charging automobile batteries only. It is of great importance to refrain from running your vehicle engine during the charging process as this may wreak havoc on your generator. The DC socket connector does not house a circuit breaker.

The Champion 73500i additional cable is to be used for connecting the two units which are placed alongside of each other. For these purposes the connector is fitted with the two 120V outlets one of which is sometimes referred to as TT-30R with TT standing for travel truck. This 30 Amp can be successfully applied in your recreational vehicle. When it comes to the second outlet, called L5-30R, it also provides 30 Amp, but unlike TT-30 R, is more adaptable in terms of cabling. Since it is a splitting cable, you will be able to attain an extensive power capacity with two generators operating at a time. Please, do not confuse L5-30R with hot double lead L14-30R.

Noise level, transportability and dimensions

Overall, the 2000 watt Champion inverter generator is characterized as the one to offer a fairly low level of noise. Due to its noise-choking fiber glass, it is able to substantially decrease the roaring sound produced by the generator during its operation. Run at the maximum load, it still yields less noise compared to the identically powered traditional generators. Even at full operation, this unit is much quieter than similar powered standard generators.  While the 98cc engine of the All Power APG3014, for one, produces up to 65 decibels, run at a quarter of its possible load, the Champion generator gives a modest 52 dBA. The sound produced is so inconsiderable that you can enjoy a chat with your friends without even noticing it is working beside you. If you become interested in more detailed information concerning various units and their ratings against the decibel scale, check out the article on our website.


The loudness of noise at which an inverter generator runs may intensify or decrease depending on the load. In contrast to inverter generator, a traditional one will always operate at the same 3600 RPM which is mainly associated with the lack of the energy-saving mode. Nearly all generators are labeled with a decibel rating. As the noise increases exponentially, for each rise of 10 decibel, the noise level is 10 times louder. So a generator that performs at 60 decibels is ten times as powerful as a generator operating at 50 decibels. A substantial contrast, isn’t it?

The sound damper houses an arc extinguisher which is compliant with the standards of the US Forest Service.  Remember to give it a nice scrub so that you could enjoy its performance, as well as unforgettable moments spent on your camping spot.

As to the look of the Champion 2000 generator, it has a small totally encapsulated frame which due to its boxy design provides a great level of balance. With its extreme lightness, marvelous portability and incredibly comfy handle, this 48 pound unit is viewed by many users as an indispensable part of any camping holiday. Plus, its small size allows it to be snugly placed among other tools in your garage or barn, not to mention its light weight which is ideal for trips to distant places. In case you are going to use two generators simultaneously, they are equipped with four angle posts for convenient stacking of generators.

Whether you need to change the oil and spark plug, or you want to reach to the air strainer and arc extinguisher, you can do without any trouble thanks to its removable side plate which takes no efforts to be screwed off. It also protects the most essential internal parts of the generator from dust.

Not surprisingly, that considering all the above, the Champion 2000 watt inverter generator is so well-liked by its the consumer who cannot imagine their lives without camping or DIY stuff.

Warranty information

The Champion inverter generators are backed up by a limited warranty that is deemed to prevail during two-year period since the date of the purchase. The labor or parts that prove to be defective under normal use within the applicable warranty period are eligible to warranty coverage without charge for replacement or repairs.

To obtain warranty service you may contact Champion Power Equipment’s well-qualified technical staff providing round-the-clock service. Many customers give credit for their formidable expertise and the ability to address any problem associated with the use of the generator.

The upkeep requirement is typical for most inverter generators. If your generator needs fixing, contact the owner of the dealership near your location.

The earliest oil change should be carried out after five hours of use. You should also do the following when applying the generator for your household purposes:

  • Change oil and cleanse air strainer after 50 hours of use or every three months;
  • Cleanse arc extinguisher after 100 hours of use or every three months;
  • Cleanse/overhaul spark plug after 100 hours of use or every three months;
  • Cleanse fuel tank and filter after 100 hours of use or every three months;
  • Replace fuel feed pipe after three years of use.
  • For engine head upkeep or valve removal, please, contact the authorized dealer.

More detailed information on the operation and maintenance, as well as safety guide are included into your owner manual.

For more information or technical advice, visit Champion Power Equipment official website at You may also contact Champion Power Equipment staff via phone 1-877-338-0999 or if necessary find the company at this address: 10006 Santa Fe Springs Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

What is inside the package:

  • 2000 watt champion inverter generator
  • User Manual
  • DC Battery Charge Cable
  • Oil and Oil Funnel
  • Oil Funnel
  • Spark Plug Spanner

Size/Weight Information

Size: 16.3 inches x 13.2 inches x 19.3 inches

Weight: 48.5 lbs. (20 Kg)

How you can benefit from using the Champion inverter generator:

  • fitted with fuel-saving option;
  • meets CARB requirements;
  • 51 -61 dBa silent performance;
  • 12V DC charge function;
  • extensive connector versatility for parallel generator running;
  • boxy design for better balance during conveyance
  • DC charging cord enclosed to the set
  • arc extinguisher

What are the downsides of this inverter generator:

  • Has no fuel/oil draining system;
  • Has no DC circuit breaker mechanism;
  • Needs dismantling to reach important elements during repair or replacement process

Customer testimonials

According to the reviews on, the majority of customers remain pleased with this model of inverter generators. Moreover, 70 % of all consumers granted it 5 stars, 80 % rated 4 stars and a mere 10 % gave it unsatisfactory appraisal.


Favored by so many satisfied customers, we are convinced this unit will not disappoint you. If its capacities seem to be in accord with your power requirements, then the Champion 2000 watt inverter generator is definitely the right choice for you. Its great durability and simplicity of the construction clearly demonstrates why this generator has been great success among its users. Furthermore, lots of customers claim that this generator has even surpassed their expectations. If you would like to find out more specific details about this unit and compare the opinions of different people who have happened to use it, visit to read the reviews.

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