Champion Power Equipment 46539

I got the Champion Power Equipment 46539 right around our annual road trip weekend and so it was a perfect chance to try this baby out on the road.


is a generator with decent characteristics, just like the most engines of this brand.

General wattage of 4000 watts, with 196cc and 4 strokes engine, this little beast runs on gas and is rather happy with it. Not many brands can show off with such low price and rather portable measurements.
If you are looking for something that will serve you good, will look nice and neat, and has a durability of a horse, than you know what to get. This is a perfect combination of price, size and power. Though it doesn’t run on classical petrol such as propane, and is rather unusual for a regular user in US, this device still received all of the certificates required to be used in every state across the America.
So let’s take a look.check price

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review


So, here are features of champion generator 46539 you might need to know:

  • Standard running output is 3500 watts and with a maximum output of 4000watts
  • Three ways of starting the thing: with chord, with a button or with a remote control
  • Full pledge monitor of all indicators: current, working hours and so on
  • Monitor of fuel in the tank
  • Model has low oil monitor on board
  • 12 hours of work on a tank with half load
  • Level of the noise is around 68db
  • Sizes are quite portable: 140 pounds of weight( with tank empty), length is 27.2 inches, width is 24.3 and height is 23.7inch.
  • Wheel kit with 8in wheels.
  • Some additional things in the box: muffler (spark plug) and an oil funnel.

Reputation of champion power equipment generator:
Most of websites and buyers rated champion power equipment generator with one of the highest marks on reviews and 4.5 out 5 stars on Amazon rating. This generator recommended itself as constructions support-generator, home backup device and as RV compatible generator for road trips and camping. Thanks to the features listed above, it is no wonder, that users liked this generator quite a lot and are highly satisfied by its performance.



This engine has some advantages that is for sure. It is gas powered, sure, but it is fully CARB and EPA compliant, this means you will be able to run it in any stated (including California). More pros are hidden in the running time that lasts up to 12 hours, and this is one of the best results in this segment.
One of the unusual features on this generator is the appliance of remote control over the device, which is a rare guest at this price. The control is allowed at the distance of 80 feet from the device, which is pretty impressive.
And the last but not least, small size and portable dimension, this generator is what you can call brilliant combination of size and power. One of those units, that you instantly notice out in the shop and rarely hesitate to buy.

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