Portable generators covers,enclosures and sheds

Stay safe with portable generator cover

To start with, why are portable generator covers required? Basically, they protect the devices from environmental hazards, such as rain or snow, and from other issues, e.g. dust or insects dwelling in small holes.

Some people may ask – why don’t you keep your generator in a house? Keep in mind that its dangerous to keep a high power output device without a proper portable generator enclosure kit anywhere near the house at a range closer than several meters. Don’t bring it inside under any circumstances for two reasons – they produce poisonous carbon monoxide, and they may cause fire in your house.

What are the main requirements for portable generator enclosures?

Easy to use – no special tools are required to mount or dismount them;

Secure – reliable enough to let the generator running for an extended period of time with portable generator sheds on;

Lightweight – sometimes you have to take the device along, and you definitely don’t want to overload your car.

Generator rain cover is usually produced from heavy duty nylon or other material that is sturdy enough to withstand the power of elements. You can see this type of tents being used for military and industrial needs.

An important aspect is that the portable generator covers while running should not become source of flammable material as well. This is one of the main reasons why DIY shelters are highly disapproved by manufacturers – they tend to melt or catch fire. High quality items are coated in a special substance that prevents overheating and burning.

Another thing to keep in kind when choosing a portable generator enclosure is that you should have easy access to the device’s body without having to dismount it fully or partially. It is crucial not only for your convenience but also for reliably work during the storm.

There is also an option if the sound of power generator working disturbs you – grab a portable generator sound enclosure, and you’ll never have to worry about it ever again. It is the only proper solution that allows you to solve the issue without creating more problems.

Manufactured or DIY cover?

So what are the dangers of using portable generator shelters that don’t fit the above said requirements?

You don’t want to find out your generator stopped running at the worst possible moment, do you? Especially if it is your primary power source for such vital functions as heating. A high quality barrier is required to keep device running;

If moisture is accumulated inside the generator, it may cause malfunctions and even cause electrocution, which is, to say the least, a not so pleasant experience;

Fire safety may be impaired if you don’t treat your device the right way.

Get yourself a premium quality cover for portable generator and make sure you are prepared for anything!

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