Duromax xp10000e


I had quite a challenge of using different power generators, choosing among all overpriced devices out there, but luckily I stumbled upon a DuroMax xp10000e.

As I went through the characteristics I’ve noticed that this generator will be perfect for my needs. Especially when you need to keep all of the heavy tools running in my stormy region.

Not a while ago we went through a hurricane that took our electricity with it. 3 days later, when everyone around was sitting in the dark, we worked through our daily routine with the construction. The generator we bought was duromax xp10000e. It ran smoothly, started easily, and kept all of our devices and tools steadily running. You know how much electricity modern devices consume, so that you have a glimpse on the output of the generator.

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Duromax XP10000E Review


This model is 10K type, so that is more than enough for the production and home use. Talk about the power.

Another benefit that I found in this generator is electric start that works even at almost dead battery. And when the battery decides to die on you, just turn your sight to the chord hanging from the side of the device. As for the noise factor – on the full load it wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be.

Most generators of this capacity and power output are loud as hell. But as I saw later after the purchase, DuroMax did an outstand job to defuse the noise level. If you are a fan of DIY than you can take soundproof another generator, but if not – than this generator is just for you.

duromax 10000 is a device that EPA approved and you can use it for camping sight without provoking your neighbours on hitting you with a shovel for the noise.

An important note:in California make sure to buy this generator with CARB compliance, because this exact model does not support CARB. So be attentive in this case.

If you wish to move your duromax xp10000e around, there are tires with soft rubber in them, so moving around any type of terrain is easy. You can use the stow away handle, also four motor mouths are added to minimize any noise or vibration.

As for the running time, you can run smoothly on full tank (8.2 gallons) for about 10 hours with 50% load. This is more than enough if you need a full work-day of electricity. The model comes with built in oil shutter, that will keep your oil level at a decent rate, increasing the capability of effective running in night hours.

No matter what is the main use of generator, it will keep you covered in heavy storms, in RV or camping tent or you just need some extra power. The price correlates with the output.



Specifications you might need to know for DuroMax XP 10000e.

8000 watts is what you will have on the constant output, 10000 will be available at the max.

Automatic oil shutter: no low oil problems.

EPA will be happy with the muffler and absence of sparks.

EPA is also happy with quietness of the generator.

Gas tank for all you needs: 8.2 gallons on board.

10 hours of running time.


You will have to assemble wheels as they are not attached out of the box. That is inconvenient but attaching a few screws to the machine is not that difficult.

The generator has impressive twist loch and power panel. You can charge your car battery or something else, due to its 30 amp outlet (12 volt DC). Thanks to the variety of switches its usage for RV is comfortable.

 Various indicators (voltage meter, charge display) will warn you when battery needs maintenance. 

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