Durostar DS4000s


The Durostar DS4000s provides a decent average power output of 3300 Watt and a maximum of 4000 Watt with its 7hp air cooled engine. The unit is a perfect fit for your household needs, appliances in a recreational vehicle or the equipment for a sporting event. You can use it to power the conveniences at home or while camping. A built in panel features a volt meter, start switch and a circuit breaker.

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Durostar DS400s Review

The Durostar generator is versatile with its three 120 volt outlets (1x 30 amp and 2x 20 amp respectively). It can operate at half load for about 8 hours using as few as 4 gallons of gas. The casing features durable steel frames and isolated motor mounts. You can store and run the Durostar inside a garage – the noise is muffled good enough so that the noise doesn’t irritate you. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty; the unit also has some safety add ons to it, such as low oil automatic shutdown and protection against power surge.

Pros and cons


An inexpensive solution for all of your camping needs that also fits perfectly as a supplementary power source, it is easy to operate. Aside from that, you will be relieved to know that the spare parts are rather cheap. The compact unit also produces low levels of noise.


The Durostar generators need frequent oil change, no amp or watt meter, inadequate hardware and grounding accessories.

Speaking of cons, we should mention the following:

  • The device requires frequent oil changes;
  • There is no watt or amp meter to keep track of the unit’s state;
  • Hardware and grounding accessories could be produced from better materials.

User experience

I don’t think that chinese appliances are bad. They are affordable and they are built well enough to last for a year or so. The DuroStar is one of those Chinese brands that actually made it into the international market and managed to surpass some of the famous american brands.

Their main advantage, as mentioned above, is that it’s your sure bet if you’re on a tight budget. Basically, this means you’ll have to spend much less on maintaining and operating this device, than you would need for an industrial grade solution. This counts for fuel expenditure as well – with a full 4 gallons tank it keeps the home appliances running for about 10 hours. For instance, you can run a TV set, a refrigerator, a/c unit and two bulbs. All you need to do to get the device running is to use the start switch and pull the recoil cord.

After you switch the genset off, don’t forget to drain the gas and oil, and refill the tanks before the next start. If you follow these simple rules, this device should keep running for a long period of time.

Another advantage of the series that I’d like to mention in my Durostar generator review is that the motor mount efficiently dampens the noise produced by the motor – this features makes the DS4000S one of the most silent gensets of the DuroStar lineup. It’s even more quiet than a lawn mower!

Keep in mind though that the device may require an oil change every 20 hours or so. Draining the oil may be somewhat challenging because the spout is located underneath the frame; it turns the whole procedure a mess. Besides, you should request extra packaging from the retailer because the original manufacturer pack lacks foam protection. The issue may result in frame damage which is clearly something you would want to avoid.

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