Generac GP5500


Generac GP5500 – portable generator for all your needs.

Generac is a popular brand in the market, and many household owners opt for the USA made devices to provide their homes with power in case of power shortage. We have composed a comprehensive generac gp5500 review for our readers. Find out more about the model today and make up your own mind as to the pros and cons of this popular generator.

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Generac GP5500 Review

Reliable performance

Generac gp5500 is a moderately priced unit that offers stable performance for over 10 hours. A big advantage of the device is that is easily portable. It features two wheels that can’t go flat due to their rugged structure. It is relatively lightweight and can be carried around by the handles.

The generator is enclosed in a durable casing that allows it to show stable performance under the most harsh conditions. Warranty ensures you shouldn’t have any issues operating this device. If you treat the device right, it should serve you for a prolonged period of time.

Technical features

Generac gp5500 5939 provides power output in 240v and 120v modes. The device is equipped with a 7.2 gallon tank for extended usage. A 389cc strong engine provides max power output of 6,875 watt and 5,500 watt with stable performance.

The only downside that many owners tend to notice is that the generator is rather noisy for its size. However this should be no issue if you keep the device in a shelter outside your house. Other than that it’s a great choice to use in household or take along to a work site.

Please refer to generac gp5500 manual for detailed features of the device.

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