Generac GP7500e



The Generac GP7500e offers mix of long-lasting quality and high power output. It boasts sturdy design and high durability when it comes to work under harsh conditions. The units of this series are produced from top grade materials; the gen-set boasts steel fuel tanks and a wheel kit with foldable handles for easy transportation.

This industrial grade solution can deliver a maximum of 9375 watts, while the average output for continuous work is around 7.5 thousand watts. It’s easy to keep an eye on the Generac 7500 current state thanks to a fairly large display panel with user friendly interface. The package includes a plug-in charger for the battery, some engine oil, a funnel and a use manual.

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Generac GP7500e Review

Pros and cons

Industrial grade power output of the Generac 5943 paired with high efficiency and fuel conservation make it one of the top choices in the market. The unit is totally compatible with the power transfer switches which allows for easy and safe domestic usage.

This series may appear somewhat overpriced and becomes rather hot when used for an extended period of time, but overall it’s great.

User experience

Basically, the Generac 7500 generator is meant to provide stable power supply for a large household. It definitely costs a fair amount of money, and it is really big. However, it copes with its task perfectly – after you get it running (which is surprisingly easy for an industrial grade beast) it will leave you speechless with its output.

The Generac 7500 Watt portable generator runs precisely at 119 volts, which is as much as what I need for my household. I run all of the appliances with it, including the water boilers, air conditioning, microvawe, refrigerator, etc. Getting the genset to work is easy – you attach the wiring to the breaker panel, and when the blackout hits you, you pull the switch and the household keeps going.

The Generac GP7500 was running for about 10 hours the first time I used it, after which the tank was almost empty with no more than half a gallon remaining, and the power supply was not so stable. The good news is that the unit sucks the last drop for its steel tank before it goes black.

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