Generac IX2000



The Generac ix2000 differs from other gensets in a way that is environment friendly – you can actually control the fuel consumption and noise pollution. The unit is outfitted with a 126cc inverter engine with adjustable rotation speed. Thus, the device is not restricted to working at maximum power output all the time. You can safely use all of your appliances with this set thanks to adjustable current without having to worry about its term of service.

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Generac IX2000 Review

Pros and cons

The Generac inverter generator boasts small sizing, affordable price, fuel conservation and a noise level you can bare with. It’s a versatile generator that you may use for your household or camping needs.

However it’s design lacks sturdiness, as the fuel line may leak from time to time. You would generally want this kind of issues.

User experience

I’m quite a fan of world famous and respectable brands, such as Yamaha, so when I got my Generac 2000, I wasn’t expecting much of it. Yeah, it has a 126cc engine and about 2200 watts which is rather standard, no big deal about it. However, this item weighs about 40% less than average which makes it pretty unique in the price range. Coupled with affordable pricing, this feature makes the Generacix 2000 a great investment if you need a supplementary power supply (since you would never use a 2000W genset as a primary unless you live in a recreational vehicle).


So I decided to give this baby a try with my large refrigerator, and the Generac went on for 6 hours just fine at full load. Apparently the unit goes fine with 16 amp power output, and I decided to put it under stress test by adding a small a/c device to the network. It seemed to cope with it at first, but not for long – after several minutes it actually got overloaded and shut down. However, I’m totally fine with Generac 2000 series performance – the set offers decent power supply for its price. The noise level is totally okay as well – it’s about 50 decibel at full load, which doesn’t bother you at all unless you’re standing right next to it.

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