Honda EU2000i


Howdy. Today we are going to talk about  finding something  portable, but without any additional troubles. Something to throw into the back of your trunk and head out for the trip. And so we did find it. And here is our opinion on it.

So let us begin. We went for a camping trip somewhere away from the colds of our state. So we thought we might yet again look for a perfect generator, that will keep us moving. So we went around our local shops and what do you know, we found something nice and pretty. Honda EU2000ia was our thing. Small, portable and easy to carry around, simple little thing for  good use.

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Honda EU2000iа Review



We are huge fans of Japanese quality and machinery, so it is no wonder that we chose this brand again.

As for the performance, this generator is for light duty only, so don’t expect to much out of it. Though because it is an inverter generator (conversion of AC into DC), you can be calm about your sensitive devices. In case of overload, it will turn off by itself, and you can start it by hand (cord) or by pressing the button. In either case you are good to use it for your needs.

It is a bit limited but the performing pace is good enough. You can run some of your home tools, gadgets, so it is okay to use it as an emergency. We tried powering central heat, sewer pump, routers, TV and lights. But this machine is not capable to keep heating system with refrigerators running at the same time, so we just used one or another when needed.
As for the tank, it is 1.1 gallons, so not that big as you might think. The running time is about 10 hours on a fully filed tank.

Easy to use is a moto of Honda brand. As we found out during our routine, and it shows decent 59 db, at 1600 watts load and even lower at a smaller load. So we were really surprised that we could actually talk with this thing on, because it is as loud as a normal dialogue between people. Also we allowed our friend to test it out as well and they were just as satisfied as we were. They took it for a spin at a camping spree, when they went around 5 states. And in every case they faced no problems, because is fitted in just fine in their RV and near the tent.

They said that the starting was easy and smooth, and the refill wasn’t that often.


So to sum things up here are our list of pros and cons:


  1. Quiet
  2. Efficient with fuel
  3. Easy to start
  4. Smooth burning sequence


  1. Small hole for the fuel
  2. Lack of fuel gauge
  3. Kind of expensive

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