Honda EU3000is



Going out somewhere for a trip? Power went down at home and you need to keep your fridge running? Then this Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator is just what are you looking for. It is capable of producing steady 3000 watts that will be more than enough for all of the home and RV basics. It is quite, small and highly reliable, a perfect formula for any occasion.

As we already mentioned, this generator is okay with any goals you might set for it: starting from Jobsite and RV and ending with home appliance and so on. Oh yes, and in most cases this generator is capable of powering a 13,500 BTU conditioners for RV.

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Honda EU3000is Review

While out in the camping sight, your co-campers will not have the urge of shooting you in the head because of the loud beast, that most people tend to bring along. This generator has a sound range of 48 to 59 dB, thus you won’t hear it that much and at a half load it is quieter than a conversation.

Take as a notable fact, that Honda EU3000iS is an inverter machine, thus, connecting sensitive gadgets and sensitive to the current electronics will be a no problem. You will have a comfort of knowing, that this electricity is as safe as it is in your outlet, so you appliance will not burn out.

Because of increased attention to eco-friendliness, Honda a decided to create the best combination in this matter as well. This generator is capable of running on a single tank for about 20 hours, and because of the advanced technology, it will adjust its running during the night and day time. Also, it is CARB approved and has a spark reduction muffler on it (law for control of spark and fire in the forest is fulfilled at its fullest).


In past years, a parallel connection gained more and more popularity, allowing doubling or tripling your power by connecting generators together. You can connect it to similar generator and obtain 6000 watts just like that. You won’t have to buy a bigger generator, thus, your portability stays in place.

You will receive a combination that is suitable for both homes and work thanks to the tool kit and carrier, and even if you choose another generator out of the Honda line, you will not regret your choice not one bit.


So what are the remarkable things you should notice?

  1. Two offset handlers for easy carrying.
  2. Smooth and portable design.
  3. Electric start for easy beginning of your work.
  4. Parallel connection feature.
  5. Fuel efficient in every way.
  6. 3000 watts of pure Honda.
  7. Inverter technology, which will keep your devices safe and sound.
  8. Quite as your conversation: you will have no need in screaming to be heard over it.
  9. CARB compliant and sold in every state of US.
  10. Small weight (around 144 Ibs).
  11. Awesome running time (20hrs at a full tank).
  12. Runs on gasoline.

Hope our review helped you out and come back soon to see more.

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