Kohler portable generators review

kohler portable generatorsKohler brand presents a new series of portable gen sets that offers a range of 2.0 kW to 12.3 kW power supply. The kohler portable generators produce “clean energy” that lets you operate the most advanced tools and sophisticated systems without risk of damaging the appliances.

Kohler Generators

The smallest of the product line, the PRO2.0iS set, was designed with the use of the most innovative solutions in the industry. It is by far the lightest among the 2 kW devices in the market; it is outfitted with a computer controlled sensor that serves to:

  • monitor the levels of power consumption;
  • adjust engine speed accordingly to save fuel;
  • keep noise at the lowest possible level;
  • reduce the exhaust.

In order to prevent engine malfunction, it is automatically shut down when oil levels are low. Thus, the item’s term of service is noticeably prolonged.

More power for your money

If you want a top grade solution, look no further than the Pro12.3EFI gen-set. This industrial grade engine features close-loop fuel-injection system – the device monitors seven different parameters and uses the comprehensive data to adjust the gas consumption for better economy. You might also want to take a look at the PRO5.4DES model that uses a Kohler Command engine as well. It comes with a sound-dampening enclosure – you will definitely appreciate its quiet work.

Kohler brand takes care of your expenses – every kohler portable generator that offers a 5.2 kW power output (or more) is outfitted with an ‘Accu-Fill’ trademark system that makes fueling so much easier. You are less likely to spill the fuel with it. You can also enjoy the advantages of over a hundred custom accessory combinations with 7 different kits. Built-in maintenance systems give you an accurate on-the-spot information on the fuel and oil levels.

Mr. Rumao, the senior production manager for Kohler, emphasizes that the series is built with ultimate customization opportunities in mind. With these items at hand you can build exact device that you need at the moment. Another advantage is that the add-ons are interchangeable between different models of the same series.

Kohler PRO7.5E – 6300 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator (49 State Model) – PRO7.5E