Powerhouse generators review

powerhouse portable generatorThe Powerhouse inverter generator is an affordable high performance unit that was developed for long lasting work cycles and safe power supply. The device is a great option to provide all your appliance on an outdoor trip or celebration. You can use its maximum output of a thousand watt thanks to a 1.63 horse power engine – you can set it to work at a certain speed depending on your current demand. When operating at full capacity, the unit can be set to auto start mode with the engine reset feature – this option comes in handy when the gen-set shuts down because of overloading.

The Powerhouse inverter generators are outfitted with a reliable recoil start, emergency stop mechanism, a circit breaker and a 20 amp double outlet. Its weight is just about 30 pounds which makes it easy to transport thanks to a handle. The average work cycle at full tank is about 9.6 hours at quarter load and about 3.7 hours at maximum output. You can also grab a set of accessories for your generator – a 12V charge cable, spark plug wrench, etc. The unit is compliant with national standards and comes with an extended manufacturer warranty.

Pros and cons

The average Powerhouse generator review suggests that the advantages of this item are definitely its low price, solid design, stable performance at a normal rate and the warranty we already mentioned above. This is a great investment and you definitely get what you pay for.

The downside may be that the inverter gen-set is a bit too noisy for its size; besides it tends to overload at a hundred percent power output.

User review

If you get an inverter generator, you’re supposed to run it without difficulty. The Powerhouse generators are definitely what you are looking for if you want an easy setup for your campsite or backup unit for the household. However, it is somewhat underpowered compared to other units, which is perfectly fine as long as you don’t use as a primary power supply. A general recommendation is to use it for a couple of hours to see how well it performs before actually putting it to use.

My unit was delivered in decent packaging, nothing unusual about it, everything was in its place. So I decided to test it with my home bank battery. I filled the gas and oil tanks, checked the wiring and started the gen-set. There was some trouble at first – the device would shut down after several minutes of work at a normal rate, which is not what you would expect from a brand new Powerhouse, but it wasn’t that bad actually.

The problem was with the oil shutdown float was stuck after the device was delivered. This is not uncommon, I’ve read about it in another review, thus I knew what I should do. After I put the component in its place the unit went to about 80% of its maximum load and worked for 4 hours straight until the tanks were empty.

I haven’t put my device under stress test yet, but I’m glad to know that there is an auto-reset feature there to back me up.

While it certainly not the most quiet gen-set in the market, nor is it the most powerful one, it is a good compact option for people on a budget. If you can’t afford a top end Honda, it is your sure bet. A two year warranty should cover most issues you might have to deal with, and the variable speed settings allow you to control the efficiency of your device. Overall, it is a good piece for its price, and a perfect backup inverter gen-set.

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