Powerland PD3G10000E Tri-Fuel




Howdy. Today we decided to pick up a topic of rather new guest on our website: Powerland generator. This machine got some controversial reviews every now and then, so we decided to figure out what is there to it.

So to be more specific, we are to talk about PD3G10000E model and its vices and virtues. So let us get started.

We got our machine of Amazon a few months ago, just to test it out and share with you all. And also we got in trouble with outgates in our region (northern states are not the friendliest places on earth), so generator was not just a matter of mean fuss.

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Powerland PD3G10000E Review

So what is our opinion on this device? Well, let us start from the bottom.

It was no problem of waiting for it at home, because we got our mailing notification in time. We had paid for it before, so what is left was just signing the paper and getting it out of the box.

Me and my friend assembled it more or less without any problems (still, we recommend using your own tools), we prepared our device for the first run. And well…it didn’t run right away. This is related to the dead battery of electrical start (this is no surprise), so we had to pull the cord.

Powerland PD3G10000E Tri-Fuel

We got a bit alerted when few first coughs of the engine reached our ears, but relaxed afterwards. Though, in my opinion the running proses could be smoother. So I decided to mail the company, and they recommended restricting the flow a bit, for some time at least.

We would not recommend this generator if you are planning connecting any sensitive electronics to it, it is not an inverter generator, so power jumps are a normal occasion.

As for the tech support on this generator…well it is simply not there. Sure, you can email them, but it is a rare thing to get a response in any way. So if you are facing any issues, head straight to the service center, just trust us on this one.


Also we had some issues with the voltage regulator, which acted a bit awkward right from the start. So if you are facing some troubles as well. You probably will have to replace it with a new module, which you can order online. Tough the module is from China and you will be setting it at your own risk.

To be honest, the spare part we bought wasn’t quite right one, and we oriented mostly on the spec at our own risk. But good news is that after replacing AVR generator worked just fire, even though we didn’t have any more powerdowns. Though we took some time and did a few tests, checking its output and productivity, and it did well. So we are planning to use it at a max power next time it will be needed.

Our unit runs on propane, which suites our cold weathers and location. So our choice was simple: few tanks of propane for 30 hours of constant work and you will be good to roll. Though we had a few issues every now and then, but we assume that this is a rare case.

Hope our review was useful to you and you will come back soon for more articles : )

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