Best Powermate Portable Generators Reviews

PowermatePowerMate is not a single branded company, but a family of devices under the same name. Lineup includes such brands as Pramac. Based in Long Groove, Illinois, brand history tracks back to Europe.

High EU standards deliver great quality.

This brings us to the point, where saying that PowerMate is certainly worth the investment.


 Are you into red things? Than PowerMate will be spotted by you first thing in the store.

 North America exclusive brand and CARB certificate on board.

 Manual or electro start – they keep you covered.

 Best spare parts around: straight from Honda, Subaru and Yamaha.

So why you should to buy this generator?

Why Buy PowerMate Generator PowerMate stands at the top of brand pyramid with awesomely manufactured generators with parts from famous companies. And they are standing for their name with high standards and guarantee a life-long run. I already mentioned that it is a worthy investment and you will not regret buying a generator from this company. You will be able to find spare components in a top notch condition even after 5 years of usage.

Top rated Powermate Portable Generators:

Powermate PM0145500 Generator with Manual Start, 5500-watt

Powermate PM0106507 Vx Power Series 8,125 Watt 420cc Gas Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start

Powermate PM0601250 15,625 Watt 653cc 22 HP Subaru EH65 V-Twin Gas Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start