Best propane Portable Generators Reviews

It is no secret that gasoline generators are easiest to use and freely available on the market. But even so you shouldn’t put off scores other types of generators such as propane or diesel.
I will present reviews of best portable propane generators, but before we get started here are three main reasons to buy portable propane generator:

Propane never spoils. On contrary to the gas, with right storage propane does not gum up, and that means its life span goes from years into infinity. Gas on the other hand turns into poisoness gum in about a year. So if you live in the middle of nowhere or just have a poor supply of gas in the area, you should consider buying portable generators that run on propane.

Easy cold start. More then that, if you use your generator often the efficiency of using propane generator over gasoline is growing towards infinity. Gas generators tent to filth up from constant usage, when propane ones burn all the stuck dirt into ashes (self-cleaning).
Propane is eco-friendly most of the time. For states with strict pollution laws, propane generator is a preferable choice. Oh yeah, it is not meant to be set in the house, just reminding.

As you can see it has benefits all around. But is there something wrong with it? Only one flaw: slightly higher price compared to the gas generator. But if we weight all the benefits, they blank all of the possible flaws.

And to make your life easier we gathered all propane powered generator reviews on our website, so you can find the best one in a few clicks.