Portable generator repair

3 ways to repair your portable generator

portable generator repairYou never know when a blackout is going to hit you, and you have to prepared for it. A portable generator is definitely a must have gadget for household owners in areas with unstable power supply. Aside from purchasing it, you have to know how to operate it and how to fix the small issues. You don’t want to take it every time to your local workshop or service center, do you?

In this article we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on portable generator repair. Find out more about how to get your device running in next to no time with your hands and a range of tools you definitely have at hand!

Common issues

First of all, check your fuel level. Though this may appear obvious, it is not rare for a generator owner to miss the issue. You should also check the oil tank once in a while. Besides, make sure that fuel is of decent quality – otherwise you might experience a range of consequences from power failure to device being damaged.

If your generator doesn’t start, the reason behind the issue may be the empty or malfunctioning accumulator. Grab a battery and a drill – you’ll have to make your way to the wires and power the ignition manually. However you should not resort to this option unless you have decent knowledge of the way your device operates.

Always check the user guide for specific instructions concerning your device. It is a rather common practice for electricians to charge clients with unreasonably high fees for operations every owner can easily conduct on his own.

There is noise but no power output?

If your generator is running but doesn’t produce energy, some internal components may be damaged or settings are of the mark. To check on this problem, you should have an amperemeter and voltmeter at hand. Check the default numbers in your user manual and compare them to what you have at hand.

It is strongly recommended that you get some help from a qualified electrician if you encounter a serious issue. Working with high voltage device is hazardous, and you may end up breaking an expensive generator and, what’s even worse, hurting yourself badly.

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