Best Portable Generators For Camping and RV

Finding a decent portable generator for rv is sometimes a pain in the head, and in certain moments – mission impossible in a way.
I came with ratings list to help you choose the best portable generator for rv or camping in just a matter of clicks. Best ones on the market are reviewed by me.

How much is enough?

Capacity and general wattage are important, but you can’t fit a huge monster-generator into rv. But thankfully there is light weight solution with 2000 watts. Depending on your style of travel small rv generator can suite all of your needs.
Even if you are bare-bones traveler, having some backup energy will be nice and useful every now and then. According to users feedback 2000wtts is the golden option for everyone.

Inverter type generator: what is it and do we need it?
Most of the modern rvs have a lot of gadgets and additional electronics aboard: DVD-players, plasma tv, gaming consoles and more.
So why is our sight turned to inverter type of generator? Well, it is based on a scientific issue. Unlike other classical generators, inverter produces a sine wave that gives out a steady electricity flow. And it means that power jumps are out of question, and it suits all of modern needs.
But… if you are not gadget person and just need to keep the lights running, than consider buying a converter generator.

Best fuel and running time.
While out in the wild we don’t think that you want to hover around your generator is quest for fuel. So when buying a generator consider the running time of your machine with 25%, 50% and full load. If it works long enough and stable – that is your client.

Noise level.
Who wants to hear loud noise somewhere out on a camping site? Loud generator: It sounds awful in the night and the same goes for the day. And at some point you will gladly shoot the owner in the head for bringing this disaster with him. So you should keep in mind, that bearable noise level is about 50db, so choose generator within that range.

Light weight and portable body.
Huge wattage is awesome and all, but mass is not always a good thing. Carry big weights around is not the best thing for travelers, so we should look for a portable generator for rv that would weight no more than 80 pounds. This is the mass that a grown male can carry. But anyways, look for your best combination of price and weight.

Look at best portable rv generator reviews, be smart.
Most of provided models are awesome on the paper, but in reality thing may vary badly. So before going out there and buying at least read a review or two. You should turn your face to at least 4-5 stars
Or better yet, go to a local store or expo and test the hell out of desired model.

Decent price.
Modern market gives us unlimited choice of generators of all types and wattage. But we are talking about powerful generator for rv. And so you should conquer your bargain-spirit and think wisely.
And to be honest, if you don’t believe managers at your local store, than consider looking through portable generator reviews for rvs before ongoing with your shopping.
We did not include cheap and useless models, but also very expensive ones as well. Paying THAT much for a Honda is kind of way.. well.. To much.
In the end we recommend: Yamaha EF 2400iSHC Portable Inv. Generator by the price of 1,377$.

User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)