Generator sizing calculator

7 facts to keep in mind when using a generator sizing calculator


Following a substantial rise in generator demand, the manufacturers introduced a wide range of devices for every household need. But how do you determine, which one suits your need? In this article we focus on the applications of commercial generator sizing calculator and the important notes you have to keep in mind when using it.

Get your facts straight

To start with, every generator sizing calculator provides only approximate information. Exact data can be found on user manual that comes with every device. Every other option is meant to be used only if you have lost or disposed of the manual.

Why is it crucial that you calculate generator size the right way?
Bigger size doesn’t mean better power supply. If you want to ensure stable work for your electronics, the power output should match your household needs;
Overcharging your electronics with increased voltage WILL result in failure. The range of consequences may vary from blackouts to needs of repairs or even home fire;
If you opt for a generator because power failures are rather frequent in your area, you can’t take risks. Get a device that fits your needs and stay safe.

Accurate view of power consumption is vital

Calculating generator size involves making a list of items that require constant power supply. By adding up power that is consumed on a regular basis, you can determine if you really need an industrial grade device that you have been eyeing or an affordable medium size will do.

Before you turn to a home generator sizing calculator, you should try to set up a timetable of power usage in your house. You can often optimize your expenses by turning off those devices that don’t need to run 24/7.

Keep in mind though that if you can’t figure out how to calculate generator size, it is imperative that you invite a professional electronics engineer. A failure to get your numbers right may result in heavy consequences – and you may easily avoid those. Stay safe!