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With weather sometimes resulting in frequent blackouts in your area, you definitely need a reliable power supply. This where the sportsman 7000 propane generator truly shines. No matter what kind of conditions may impair the infrastructure in your neighbourhood, you will be prepared for it with the modern genset. The unit we will be talking about is an example of a versatile, easy to operate and fuel effective solution that fits for long term power shortages.

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Sportsman GEN7000LP Review


The engine offers 6000 running Watts with a peak output of 7000 Watts. The unit produces 13 horsepowers in surge mode. The motor can be started by a recoil pull or an electric trigger – the second option requires an accumulator that does not come with the package.

The device uses standard propane – the same fuel that is used in gas grills. The pack includes a 5 foot long hose, but you have to purchase the tank. The manufacturer takes care of the users’ security with the following features:

  • all of the outlets feature overload protection that prevents irreversible damage to your appliances;
  • built-in spark arrestor;
  • voltage regulation;
  • oil monitoring;
  • proper air cooling that prevents overheating.

In case of emergency the unit can be turned off immediately using the power switch. The power supply can be precisely managed by a special panel. The motor in the Sportsman series conserves fuel efficiently – at 50% capacity the device will be running for 8 hours straight and consume about 20 pounds of fuel.

The GEN7000LP generates no more than 80 dB when it runs at full load. The genset has 6 outlets (which includes four 120V, one 12V and one 120/240 outlets) and weighs about 172 pounds.


Thanks to the features listed above the Sportsman series enjoys vast popularity among household owners. Most of the customer reviews are positive and feature the GEN7000LP as a useful solution.

The users appreciate the alternative recoil/electric start and the fuel efficiency. You can even find a Sportsman generator review about two households being powered by it simultaneously. This item is easy to install out of the box even if it is your first experience with these devices.


To start with, the propane-based units are generally superior and more widespread than their gasoline counterparts. The reasons for this include the following:

  • they are more environmental friendly to use on a regular basis;
  • propane can be stored for a significantly longer period in the tank without fear of leak or spoilage;
  • versatility – one genset fits all your needs;
  • low maintenance costs.

This particular model takes these advantages to a whole new level with modern technology. Thanks to advanced solution the unit consumes a lesser amount of propane and, subsequently, the level of carbon oxide emission is about 40% less. Given its affordable price, the device is a sound investment for homeowners who are facing frequent blackouts.


Some users report that they found the user manual not so useful since it doesn’t specify what kind of accumulator the unit needs to operate. Besides, the instructions as to wheel kit installation were not clear.

Another minor detail is that the device comes without water repelling covers which you should purchase yourself. However, neither of the cons has anything to do with the performance of the GEN7000LP.

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