Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP


The storm cat generator brand is widely known for its reliable high end solutions. It has become popular thanks to a combination of expertise and innovative solutions implied . In this review we focus on of their most popular devices – the 800W/900W portable generator.

The storm cat portable generator we are looking at offers solid performance with a standard output of 800 watt that can be further boosted to 900 watt. The two stroke engine rotates the shaft at a speed of 3600 rounds per minute. With 5 hours runtime at half load (which is more than enough to keep the key devices operating) and a 1.1 gallon tank this is your sure bet to keep things going in case of power shortage. Fuel economy lets you cut down on expenses big time.

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Storm Cat 2 HP Review

Storm Cat gen-sets pros and cons

One of the storm cat 800 watt portable generator key features is its reliability – a circuit breaker protection will prevent the gen-set from harmful conditions that may impair its work. The engine goes live with a recoil start which means you don’t depend on batteries.

The 800 watt portable generator can be used to power a wide range of home appliances, including small ‘student sized’ fridge, table fan, hedge trimmer, radio, PC, TV set etc. It works efficiently with almost

Keep in mind that the user manual contains vital information, for instance, on how to mix fuel and oil. You have to read the instructions and follow them carefully if you want the gen-set to preserve its properties. If you use the device properly, it should last a lifetime without any issues.

Another advantage of the 800w generator is its moderate pricing. Its retail price is roughly $130, but you can find a used one in good condition for about a hundred bucks.

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