Portable generator transfer switch

Transfer switch for portable generator

Manual_Transfer_Switch_for_Portable_GeneratorPortable generator transfer switch are a vital part of emergency power grid systems. They serve to connect the generator with circuits and keep your household (or business) running in usual mode in case of sudden blackout.

Every transfer switch for portable generator has its technical features that determine what kind of devices they can be used with, what their max power output is, and how many circuits they can handle.

You have to choose carefully what kind of switch you choose; if you feel like you can’t figure things out, ask a certified electrician to help you. Failure to determine the right settings may lead to power failure at the most crucial moment.

Manual or automatic?

The main difference between automatic and manual transfer switch for portable generator lies in the way operate in case of unexpected power failure. If you opt for the second solution, you’ll have to power the whole system up – only after this the switch becomes active.

Automatic transfer switch for portable generator on the other hand goes live as soon as power outage hits your household or business. It is the only viable solution if you imply machinery that MUST run 24/7, like surveillance cameras or other security devices.

Before you grab a portable generator transfer switch kit, you should take a look at the reviews – there are many people on the web sharing their opinions concerning every piece of technology.

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