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Our age is the age of everything ultra. Ultra small, ultra powerful, ultra smooth, ultra portable. This generator matches these criteria just fine. You can easily carry it around, and bring your Yamaha ef1000is generator anywhere you might want. Small weight and tiny size will do the job just great if you are going on a trip.But before continuing forward with purchase you should read some more.So let’s get to the review of Yamaha ef1000 generator. We hope you will be able to find something useful in our description.

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Yamaha EF1000is Review

4 strokes of engines, cooled by air and has only one cylinder. This little monster is capable of 3000R per minute at one fourth (1/4) of the load. In case of oil failure, the engine will turn itself off, so you don’t need to worry about this. As for the tank there is 2.5 Liters aboard. As for the fuel, normal gasoline is just fine. Yamaha 1000 generator has the feature of automatically adjustment of the engine speed, and this will keep you covered in any way of the device use. And also this increases the efficiency of the engine and also extends the running time.


As for the running time, ef1000is is capable of working for 12 hours whole, without any refills. And also, it is not that loud, due to advanced exhaustion system.As for the electricity current, inverter generators more preferable due to the fact of more stable output. As we already mentioned,this generator is a portable thing, so don’t expect any outstanding productions, though it is capable of producing 900 watts (maximal is 1000 watts), which in some cases is enough. In comparison to the more traditional conventional generators this generator is more preferable for hight tech devices.


This small generator comes in handy when we are speaking of computers, audio and cellphones, and other electronic devices. Thanks to produced PWM the range of stability within 1% and 0.1 HZ of frequency.
Yamaha generator ef1000is has a full range of indicators, lights and switches. You will have all on oil measurements, warning lights, controlling switches and so on.

As for the feedback it received more than welcomed reviews. Amazon rates this product at 4, 4 out of 5 stars. Though not everything is all nice and shining, there are some negative reviews as well.
Some owners reported that oil change can be a challenging sometimes. When filling you might overfill the tank, and this could be an issue. Sometimes users manual can be a hard thing to deal with, well.. it is not there. At all. You will have to print it out by yourself, but this is not as bad as it sounds.



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For sure, most of the customers are more than satisfied with the device. Besides, what can be wrong with 57dba of loudness? This is in fact a quite generator, and if you won’t run it on full load, you will be covered on this behalf. And as we already mentioned this generator is incredible by all means: small, portable and very light. So you can pack it up and get going out to the camping sight.
Also you can use it a backup generator, just in case of emergency.


The Conclusion:

9.3 Awesome

Yamaha ef1000is is a small device, so don’t expect it to run your whole house. However, if you need something to power your devices, or just as a small backup engine this one will keep you covered.
Hope you liked our reviews and they helped you out.

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  • NOISE 9
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