Yamaha EF2400IS


Do you need a steady technology? We sure do. And now, thanks to Yamaha we have another notable representative of this generators family at our disposal. Yamaha EF2400IS is a notable representative of inverter generation. Company is highly concerned with their customers’ needs and made this generator incredibly quiet and lightweight for easy transporting. As for basic specs, they are pretty damn impressive: 59dFA max of noise production, 32 kilos of weight (about 70 pounds) and with steady 2400 watts of output.

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Yamaha EF2400IS Review



To tell the truth, this combination of specs makes this small guy a powerful player on the market. Design of 2400iS is portable and ecofriendly in a way. It is CARB compliant and implements all of the possible standards of Japanese LEMA. Also it does not use any toxic materials during assembly on the factory, which goes under ISO 9001sertificate.

This machine can be recycled almost completely (97% out of the entire mechanism), thus making it a number one choice for states with high eco-culture and strict laws.

As for esthetical counterpart, smooth aluminum case, with minimalistic and yet handsome appeal will suite any household. And thanks to this design in general you shall have all of the access to important modules and switches on the side of engine. This makes servicing the engine a deal of few minutes, which may come in handy when going out in the wild or in case of emergency.

One of interesting features worth mentioning is function of parallel connection between two modules. Just connect two devices together with special kit and double the possible power without buying more expensive generator with the same output as two combined.

This magical feature allows you to run heavy weighted appliances with power of two small generators. Just connect the two and you will be all set, and without any additional hovering over the engine. This feature of non-problematic usage we can call a huge plus and use the hell out of it : )



And yes, this generator is suitable for RV’s, because it is the inverter type after all. So you can take it with you out for camping and be with all of the comfort you want around you. And because it is quite as the conversation, your camping neighbors won’t feel the sudden urge of hitting you with a log because of the noise your machine makes.

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