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We often face the question of balance between quality and price. So far, Yamaha maintained its leadership in their segment of the market and today’s topic is no exception. If you are looking for a closer look on Yamaha EF2800i then you came to the right place. Why do we need generator in the first place? Well, for example you have a power down, that makes your whole house freeze and you were in the middle of something important. Sure thing, you would be happy to unfreeze your home and finish things you have been doing. Where else you might use a generator, you might ask? Well, we all are social beings, and garden parties, weddings and so on are one of the ways of getting together. And as you can imagine, garden party means no outlets and steady current included, so this is another moment when generator comes to rescue. As for us, we live in the northern part of US, this means, that power outages are a common visitors in our region. Surely, we want to be ready for such occasions and so we bought a generator.

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Yamaha EF2800i Review



Number one reason why we chose Yamaha EF2800i is the running time, which is abou 7 hours of constant work at a full load. But surely, you can make it last longer (up to 15 hours) if you set the load to one fourth of the general capacity. For comparison we tried powering chainsaw, router and vacuum cleaner all at the same time, and then added conditioner in RV and well…it did just fine. Our test has shown zero problems in such load for this generator, so this will be one of the reasons why we recommend it.

In some states, such as California, special attention is drawn to the problem of pollution and environmental friendliness, thus Yamaha made this model CARB compliant, which means that you can sell this unit in California. This is actually good news, because you are not only receiving a steady working machine with high maintenance, but also a friendly to nature device, which add a few pluses to karma in general.

There is 2800 watts in board and an AC output to add. As a note to self, count the entire appliance you are planning to use, add each of powers they use, so you won’t overwork your generator. If you are lacking some power, then consider buying another model, because it might turn into a problem in most unexpected moment.

If you are planning connecting sensitive devices to your engine, then we have more good news. As you already know, inverter generator means, that the current that this machine uses is one of the steady kind, because the transformation from AC to DC goes within the generator and provides you clean electricity with no jumps which can harm or burn your gadgets.

As for the specs you will be pleased as well: compact dimensions (15.6” W x 19.2” L x 16.7” H) and a decent weight of 64 lbls to match. As for the tank, the capacity is more than respectable for its size: 3gallons. As a bonus there is 3 years of industrial warranty to come with it, which we did not use at all.


If you are a bit stingy on financial behalf, this generator will meet your needs with no hesitation, because it allows reduction of fuel usage, and it is very vey quite. Trust me, when going out for camping or making a special event, nice background without noise is one of the keys for comfortable time passing.

Only con that we found out was a bit harsh in the price, because it is not the cheapest one out there. But, if you look around your local retailers, you might stumble upon a good deal. But even so, keep in mind, that this is an invertor generator, thus the price on similar models are high as well. But if you need quality it is okay to pay a bit more, right?


Hope our review was useful and you will come back to us for more interesting material very soon : )

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