Yamaha EF3000iS


Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator can deliver 2,800 watts of clean electricity while being able to surge up to 3,000 watts. This unit is CARB compliant.

Yamaha Motor Corporation is well known throughout the world for their quality products. Though they are better known for their motorcycles and ATVs, their engines in power equipment utilize the technology.

Yamaha EF 3000iS portable inverter generator uses cutting edge technology to bring to you the best inverter generator on the market.

Yamaha EF3000iS Review

Power Output and Generation

Yamaha EF3000iS 2,800 watt portable inverter generator is equipped with a 171 cc OHV single cylinder, air cooled 4 stroke engine which allows it to produce 2,800 watts of continuous power and surge up to 3,000 watts.

The engine is started with recoil rope, which utilizes auto decompression for an easy start.

The generator is specifically equipped with Pulse Width Modulation which delivers clean electricity to safely run all your sensitive electronic equipment. As a CARB rated unit it is approved for use in California.

Outlet configuration:

The rated amperage is 23.3 amps for 120V which is 2796W (~2800W), max available amps is 25 amps at 120V which is the 3000 watts for surge.

For all their amazing quality, Yamaha does not come out and indicate the NEMA receptacle types.
On this model there is one duplex 5-20R outlet and a L5-30R outlet, and a DC charging circuit.
The duplex outlet is rated at 20 amps for 2400W and the L5 can take up to the 23.3 amps which is about 2800W. The outlets can be used in combination up to the total continuous rating. The DC circuit is rated at 12 amps for 144W.


Fuel Type and Noise Levels:


The Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator uses gasoline as fuel. It is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 3.4 gallons and can run for 19 hours at 25% load capacity. If you’re a power user expect around 10 hours at 50% load.

This generator has an acoustically designed sound reduction system which makes for a quiet generator producing between 53Db and 60 Db of sound at about 23 feet away. That will please all your neighbors whether at home or outdoors.

Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator are 26.8 x 17.5 x 21.9 inches ( L x W x H ) and it weighs in at 136 lbs. Add another 20 lbs for gas and it becomes a bit heavy but generally manageable with the four wheels used to maneuver the unit around.
At this size it the generator is very compact, albeit a bit heavy.

Typical Uses and Needs


Yamaha EF 3000iS inverter generator can deliver about 2,800 watts of continuous power. This generator is very quiet and fuel efficient, the electricity produced is low distortion (very clean) and can run sensitive electronic equipment safely.
This makes the device ideal for camping or for use in your RV to power electrical appliances.

It can also be used at home as a backup power source in times of emergencies to run a few essentials.
This model has smart throttle and can sense loads, which saves fuel in a long run.


Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Yamaha EF3000iS Control Panel
The control panel of the Yamaha EF3000iS generator is located on the side. If you face the control panel you will see that to the top left is the Engine switch which is used to start, run and stop the engine. Next to it on the right you have the Economy control switch which lets the engine adjust to the load placed on the generator, saving fuel.


To the right of this switch you have the 12Volt DC receptacle. To the right of the DC receptacle you have a duplex 120 Volt 5-20R receptacle and next to it on the right you have a 120Volt L5-30R twist lock receptacle.
Now again to the left below the Engine switch you have the Fuel valve knob and to the right of this you have the Choke knob. To the right of the Choke you have the Oil warning light and to the right of this you have the AC pilot light. Above the AC pilot light you have the DC circuit breaker and next to the pilot light to the right you have the Overload indicator light and next to it on the right you have the Ground Terminal.


The Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator is equipped with an electric start and it also has a recoil start. Here are the steps to start the generator.
Check that the engine oil is at the prescribed level.
Check that there are no loads connected to the generator.
Turn the Economy Switch to the Off position.
Turn the Fuel valve to the On position.
Pull the Choke fully Out.


For electric start, iSE and ISB models only. Turn the Engine switch to the Start position. Release the switch as soon as the engine starts.

For manual start. Pull slowly on the recoil starter till you feel a resistance, then pull sharply.
After the engine starts let it warm up for a couple of minutes.
Push the Choke to its original position.

Shut Down

Turn Off and disconnect all loads from the generator.
Turn the Economy control switch to the Off position.
Turn the Engine switch to the Off position.
Turn the fuel valve to the Off position.

Additional Features

Very quiet (53-60Db of sound level at 23 feet)
Independent fuel petcock which helps reduce carburator cleaning due to stale gas.
Smart throttle with load sensing that adjusts the engine speed to the load, saving fuel and reducing the noise level.
Clean electricity to run sensitive electronic equipment safely.
Comes with 12 Volt battery charging cables.
Automatic oil level Shut Off system.
4 wheels with a parking brake
CARB compliant and available in 50 states.
3 year warranty for everything

Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and proper care is very important to ensure that your generator performs at its best and gives you long lasting service. Here is the maintenance schedule as prescribed by Yamaha for the Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator.

  • Daily
  • Check the exhaust system for any leakages.
  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Check the fuel line.
  • Check the Choke operation.
  • Check the Starter operation.
  • Check to see that the pilot light comes On.
  • First month or after 20 hours
  • Change the engine oil.
  • Every 3 months or after 50 hours
  • Check the spark plug and replace if necessary.
  • Clean the air filter and replace if necessary.
  • Every 6 months or after 100 hours
  • Change the engine oil.
  • Clean the fuel tank filter and replace if necessary.
  • Check all fittings and tighten if necessary.
  • Every 12 months or after 300 hours
  • Check and adjust valve clearances.
  • Check the breather hose and replace if necessary.
  • Check and adjust the engine idle speed.
  • Check and clean the spark arrester and replace if necessary.

Warranty and Repairs

The Yamaha Motor Corporation covers the Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator with a warranty for 3 years from date of purchase to a non commercial user and for a period of 2 year for a commercial user.
This is one of the best warranties for a residential market. The warranty covers all defective parts or defective workmanship and will be repaired free of charge by any Yamaha consumer generator dealer.

This warranty can be transferred to a subsequent purchaser but the generator will need to be inspected and registered by an authorized Yamaha consumer generator dealer. An inspection and registration fee is charged for this service.


Consumer Comments
The Yamaha EF 3000iS inverter generator is a new addition to Yamaha generator line up.


Customers like that it is very quiet and uses little fuel. Some of the customers used this generator for camping and on their RVs and were pleased that it could run their air conditioner. They also liked the fact that they could run their computers with this generator without any fear of damaging it.
The only negative that a few customers had to say about this generator was that it was a bit heavy (which is expected due to size).

Pros & Cons

Very quiet (it is possible to conversate next to the generator)
Equipped with 4 wheels and parking brake which make it easy to move it around.
It produces clean electricity which is safe for all sensitive electronic equipment.
It has a smart throttle with load sensing RPM control which gives it greater fuel efficiency while reducing the noise level.
runs for up to 19 hours on one fuel tank at 25% load range, and likely 10 to 12 at 50% load.
centralized control panel which makes it easy to access the controls.
comes with battery charging cables.
automatic low oil level shut off to protect the engine.


heavy for its size
expensive (but competitive against inverter type generators with noise control)


Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator is available with free shipping on Amazon.

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