Yamaha EF6300iSDE



Yamaha is not stepping off their policy of quality and price. Today we will be talking about new EF6300iSDE portable generator of the future.

Okay, that was a bit of extortion, but you will get our drift in a few. Our crew went on searching for a perfect engine for our hefty environment. So when we went shopping for the new review, we stumbled upon this model and bought it. We were really surprised with the entire wattage and small size, and since this is Yamaha, we couldn’t pass up such interesting unit. So we took it home, brought it together and started testing. And since we live in the middle of nowhere, power downs are quite issues, but this time it wasn’t a problem what so ever. We worked late that night, and our construction shop was running just fine, even without any power in the area. Trust us, jealousy and anger of our neighbors was priceless. But jokes aside, let us get started on the actual peace by peace review.

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Yamaha EF6300iSDE Review


So, let us take a more detailed look on our new engine, on our behalf, we are sure you will love it just as much as our crew did. And to prove you our point, we gathered personal experience and some notes from outer world just for you:
This unit has more than satisfying power level: you can run blowers, pumps, ac units, heating system and so on. In comparison to most generators, this one is actually pretty small and quiet, so you can use it not only for home use, but also for camping and outdoor activity. You can actually bring it out to the wedding tent in the yard and you will have no problem with it. The basic current flow is at a respectable 5500 watts, which is more than okay. Besides, any sensitive systems you might attach it to, can be safe and sound, because the inverter type of engine does not allow any power jumps and burn outs.
Running time is more than enough for most needs. You can make it run for 13 hours at one fourth of the load. So you can easily leave it overnight and go on with sleeping. Also this unit includes 4.5 gallons tan and it has one of the highest efficiency on the market.
Starting type is a classical pulling chord or more comfortable button. You can use some power to pull the chord (especially when it is just right out of the box) or just press the button once the battery is fully charged and ready to use.



Noise power is more than bearable. We should remember that this unit is capable of producing more than 6000 watts, thus sound level is between 58 and 64db . This is a low as a normal human conversation, but sure, the fewer loads is in it the quitter the noise level. Logic, eh. Perfect for camping and outdoor use, also you can technically fit it in your RV.
To be honest, there is no such thing as small 6k+ watts generator, but if you are planning on buying this mode; you will be surprised with its more or less portable design. Measurements are pretty awesome: 30.7×24.3×27.2 and about 200 pounds of dry weight.
We had a bit of issue with the pricing, but hey, some things are worth its overall price and this generator is no exception. For some 3800 dollars can be a bit much, but still, it did all and more for his price. We are okay with this price, because we didn’t have any need in bulky stationary generator, so, no wonder we chose something more decent. Besides, 6300 watts is somewhat in this price range. Oh yes, this also covers the 3 years warranty included from the Yamaha company.


As for the reviews, be found the impressive rate of 4.7 out of 5 stars, thus giving us a good reason why for buying this device. Most of reviewers were very happy with the power efficiency, speed and other important features of this generator. Also, just like we did, reviewers enjoyed having an easy to start power mechanism and high quality construction. Though we did have some small odds with the servicing, but once you get used to it problem is solved.

More things to show off:
-Noise block for silent work
-CARB and EPA approved
-Fuel efficiency mechanism
-Wireless remote for controlling your generator
-Oil shutoff mechanism
-Power meter for indicating general power
-Time meter for tracking general time of use


Cons and pros:

Can power any high-demanding tool
Can deal with both 120 and 240V units
Quiet running
Can be used nationwide thanks to the CARB-compliance
Made out of top-quality materials
Not the cheapest one
Can be a bit of a problem in servicing because of small size


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In the end it is worth saying, that this generator is close to be called perfect. Yamaha had combined power enough for home back-up with small size and good looks. It can run smooth all of the tools at a construction site, and you can connect any sensitive gadget that you might need. As for the noise level, it is very quiet and perfect for home use. Fuel efficiency is also at the top, due to the innovative technology used. Also if you compare it to the rival brands; you are still paying less for the quality and wattage. So we highly recommend this device to anyone with a good buck to spend.